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Ghost Town Bootleg By DJG

Ghost Town Bootleg By DJG

Our good friend DJG is giving away his “Ghost Town” bootleg. 320 mpFREE.

“To make a very long story short, this tune got tossed around between no less than five record labels but it could never seem to find a release. The good folks at war gave it their best and I’m really grateful for all the effort they put into trying to get this record out – literally almost everything was done to try and get these tunes released. Ultimately no pressing plants in the uk/eu were willing to take the risk to press the vinyl for fears of legal action taken by the mcps. This is why it has taken so long to for it to be released. In the end I actually feel better about giving these tunes away for free rather than anyone really making any financial profit – they are bootlegs, the music was written by these amazing musicians. The work I did pales in comparison. But hey, dubstep dances go off for these tunes every time! So please enjoy, be kind, and rewind.” – DJG

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  • Awesome- thanks for putting it out- cover art and all! Will give it a play for sure

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