The digital version of Clubroot’s debut album will be released on Monday, July 13. This music is so absolutely breathtaking, and the producer is so strangely discrete, that we had to bring this to our readers’ attention.

“Clubroot taps into the same darkside as Burial, and Kode9, and the more atmospheric beatmakers, but where those guys pull back before the fog grows to thick, Clubroot pushes forward, traveling through the dark forest, into some forbidden zone, some land lost in time, lost from time, a massive emptiness, as beautiful as it is lonely and ominous, and this is the soundtrack to that lost world. So intense and haunting and unlike any other dubstep, or electronic music even, that we’ve heard before. The rare sort of record that lets even the most jaded and heard-it-all listener get totally, and fantastically lost.” ~ Aquarius records

Highly recommended! Listen to some outstanding bits of Clubroot’s music on his mix for Electronic Explorations.