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Big Up Volume Five

Big Up Volume Five

Warning! I might get too emotional here, but I’ll try to keep it to the point. And the point is to thank you on behalf of the whole Big Up team. Well ok, maybe the point is also to reflect on how we’ve grown through our first year. And yes, we have grown a lot…

A year ago we’d sneak into Borders with an issue of Big Up and leave it there, as if it’s on sale. Today Big Up is in most Borders and Barnes & Noble stores in the country.

A year ago we had five contributors’ pictures blown up on the first page. Today we’re struggling trying to fit them all in one page.

A year ago we just had our first subscriber – Big Up Joseph Djunya. Today we’re taking a week off to sort hundreds of our mail packages by zip codes to be delivered to all parts of the world (Big Up to Sarkalina from Roudnice in Czech Republic and Rishaal Lodhia climbing the Himalayas in India wearing a Big Up t-shirt)

A year ago we printed our first batch of 50 t-shirts. Today we get messages and comments on Facebook about people being spotted wearing Big Up t-shirts in the airports of Paris and New York.

A year ago we took the dream and dared to turn it into reality. Today we continue to do just that – dreaming BIG and going UP.

So thank you, each and every single one of you, for all the support, incredible amount of support!

Huge love to the local San Francisco Bay Area community, which welcomed Big Up open heartedly from its very first steps and continues to show us love and support in all our endeavours. We love you, fam!

Immense amount of thanks to our subscribers. You have been the fuel for all our dreams, and you are the reason we’re here.

Big up to the heroes of Big Up – everyone who has contributed words, photos, art, music, mixes, shared all kinds of skills to make Big Up happen, and made it look, read, and feel the way it does. Your continued effort is what keeps us running.

And finally, words can not express my personal gratitude to the people behind the scenes. You have believed in the dream and have selflessly put your energy into turning it into reality. Your love, your words, your help, your advice, your wisdom, your smiles have been a great inspiration along the way. The lessons I’ve learnt from you are invaluable and are much bigger than Big Up itself.

I warned you, didn’t I?

Meet, greet and read… Big Up Volume Five!


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