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Bassface: Joker x Nosaj Thing

Bassface: Joker x Nosaj Thing

On November 28th, Pure Filth put together its latest edition of BASSFACE at Lot 613 in Los Angeles, CA. Joker and Nosaj Thing headlined the show….and boy, oh boy, was it a good one. So good in fact that my ears are still ringing. As they should be since we had to go all the way to LA to see Joker (See Post Below). The speakers were stacked high and hit hard like a tornado of bass making you wobble at the cellular level like a piece of jello. Los Angeles was out in full force after a tryptophan induced day of rest. Visuals were an absolutely stunning work of art, put on by Strangeloop. When Joker closed out his set with “The Prodigy – Out of Space”, let’s just say Pure Filth lived up to their name.

Big Up to Pure Filth, Sam XL, Joker, Nosaj Thing, Novocaine9, Heru, MC Nomad, MC Kemst, Strangeloop,  and the city of Los Angeles.

Photos by Samuel Herndon