Video by Tommy Lexxus

MAAAN… these were the best vibes in a long time! SF Big Up Subscribers fam showed up in full force and caused a huge mess in the BASSment to the sounds of Djunya, OSC, Ripple, Sam Supa, Dials and H.U.D! DJG on the mic was priceless! Upstairs was chilled out with some house and techno beats from Alland Byallo, Keith Kemp, Jon Holliday and General Nao. We’re sure there were more DJs there cause when we were all leaving at 5 am, we could still hear the party upstairs… Unforgettable night!

Tomas Palermo of SF Weekly wrote a more lengthy story of the night, which you can check out here.
Out to Red Sky Records for hosting the event. You guys rock! And huge thanks to the DJs and all the smiling people who showed up at the party and left with even bigger smiles! For those who want to repeat the experience, this Saturday at Paradise Lounge: Tes La Rok, Synkro, DJG, Lud Dub and MC Duh. Gonna be large. Roll out: Big Up Vol.6 Launch at Paradise Lounge, SF. See you there!

Big Up the zomby eyes crew 😉
Big Up Sub - 11

Photos by Chandra Ganguly and Tommy Lexxus