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Meet the lucky three.

00Genesis (pronounced Double Oh Genesis) – a 19-year-old illustrator and beat-maker from Silver Spring, MD, B. Bravo – our fellow San Franciscan, who plays sax and keys as well as communicates on a deeper level with his dirty synth grooves, and lady Tokimonsta – a small girl who packs a mighty punch, and the first lady of the Brainfeeder crew thanks to her unique beats.

We will be following these three talented musicians for a couple of months: we’ll see how they’re getting ready for their life-changing experience at RBMA, we’ll see the inside of the Academy through their eyes, and we’ll be impatiently waiting to talk with them about it when they’re back home. Meanwhile, take your time and get to know them.

Big Up: What is your music for you?

00Genesis: My music is my play, my meditation, my journey, and (amongst many more things) my connection with things beyond my comprehension…

B. Bravo: My music is a way for me to connect with other people. It’s a trip when someone comes up to me and says, “yo, I really dig your stuff.” It’s totally flattering and reminds me how powerful music is and how it can affect people and create an instant bond between us.

Big Up: What do you expect to gain from the experience?

Tokimonsta: I really want to walk away with new bonds, new music, and a new outlook on my life in music. (I hate to say music career, it sounds so “worky”)

Big Up: Your wildest dream about what will go on.

Tokimonsta: Karaoke.

This year the pulsing heart of the Academy will be a three-story building on Tooley St. in central London packed with fully-equipped music studios, a live Red Bull Music Academy Radio broadcast, and an exhibition showcasing a vibrant array of emerging UK artists. Every night, the inspiration will be siphoned off to create a unique series of club nights and concerts in the city’s storied venues.

Here are just some of the amazing talent that will be on the couch this year to download the lucky few on music experiences and life in the business: Martyn, Matmos, Henrik Schwarz, Scientist, Flying Lotus, Cluster, Marley Marl, and Tim Goldsworthy. Many more will also be in attendance over the two 2-week sessions.

Stay tuned for further information and an inside peek at Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Music Academy Radio


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