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Big Announcement ~ Big Up 7

Big Announcement ~ Big Up 7

We know you’ve been waiting. And we’ve been working H-A-R-D to make this happen.

Please welcome… BIG UP SEVEN!!!

Cover art by Joshua Mays

By the 7th issue Big Up community has grown immensely, but we still appreciate every single person involved in the making of Big Up Magazine. So we will keep publishing every single personal “thank you,” no matter how huge the list is gonna get. And here it goes (in an absolutely random order):

  • Tes La Rok for the killer cover mix our subscribers will enjoy, Joshua Mays for the beautiful cover art, Pinch, Alborosie, Ellen Allien, James Blake, Archan Nair, Mike Mitchell, and Chor Boogie for taking time to talk to us and become the content of Big Up Seven.
  • • Leeor of Friends of Friends, Danyell Jariel of Alpha Pup, Leslie of Ninja Tune, Jon of Lo Dubs, Marcus of Planet Mu and Hyperdub, James of Fabric, as well as Digital Soundboy, Hessle, Hotflush, and Warp for rocking it.
  • Jasmin for all the hard work on top of more hard work.
  • EshOne, Computo, Noele Lusano, Alex Incyde, Dials, Sara Ajiri, John “Fidelity” Dawson, Tomas Palermo, James Healy, Pandai’a, Yuan Zhou, Lukeino, Puppy Kicker, SNF, Comma, Ivy Something, Shilo Urban, Sam Supa, Misk, Betty Nguyen, and The Spit Brothers for all the emails, words, phone calls, AIM chats, Skype sessions, writing, reading, proofing, and hunting down the people in the first bullet point.
  • • Aeneas Panayiotou for being the best hussler-intern that he is. (Step into my office when you read this, I’ve got a to-do list for you.)
  • Anna Eva, Devon Chulick, Sara Gerstel, Tristan Bice, Catherine Chuter, Paul Bie, Krysti Lozinski, Amy Starr, Francesca Balaguer, and the wonderful photographer Allison Harrell for working on the first ever Big Up fashion editorial – Music Lovers!
  • Natures Mistake for the dope shirts, dope gear, and for being dope!
  • • Talented photographers: Ian Flannery, Kelly Koehler, Michael Mann, Lisa Wassmann, Leo Matus, Liz Eve, Dan Wilton, Delphine Ettinger, and Leena Hongisto!
  • • Kutz, Kush Arora, Drew Best, Chandra, Bogl, Josh Couto, Lud Dub, Djunya, Joe Nice, Emcee Child, Red Sky crew, DJG, Miro, Ryan Romana, John “Somejerk” Gregory, Nyla Hassel, Johnathan Melehan, LB, 12th Planet, Mac of Konkrete Jungle, Shocklee, Dubstep ATL, Bassfaced crew, Soundcloud fam, Nalden of WeTransfer, and all of our subscribers for all the love and support.
  • This is getting long and there’s plenty of people that have been left out, we’ll just send them a card or something…

    pinch-copy alborosie ellen archan tes-copy

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    That’s right, it’s official! Big Up is available in a digital form as a subscription or separate issues. It will be delivered straight to your desktop at the same time print subscribers get their magazines in mail.

    Alright, enough news for today! Maybe…


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