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Post-RBMA Big Up Podcast – DZA

Post-RBMA Big Up Podcast – DZA

Folks at the Academy simulate that the Russian-based DZA “must’ve hacked into an old orbiting Sputnik or drifting Soviet satellite to get the sounds he uses to make his atmospheric beats.” It’s also quite possible that DZA might have played too much Tetris growing up. Whatever it was that fed his talent, DZA takes it all and blends into his own production. DZA’s post-RBMA Big Up mix takes us from funky bleeps and glitches, through Russian rap, and abstract beat, to post-rock influenced compositions. What a vast journey on a single trip!


dimlite – metal snake rider
mujuice – christmas e (rec) 1.4
lapti – prividenie s motorom (demokracy rmx)
rustie – nekoo
nire – warology
dza – ya nikogda ne budu progulivat shkolu
kidkanevil – when doves bounce (illum sphere’s rebounce)
kunteynir – ypa (prod. lapti)
tokimonsta – park walks
dimlite – sun-sized twinkles
dunian – where is the problems
lapti – psalm 90
dwele – i think i love u (lapti oxytocin mix)
dza – tw*t
hudmo – thunder bay
mujuice – du sang sur le dancefloor! 100 real 2