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Post-RBMA Mix – We Come With More! – Swede:Art

Post-RBMA Mix – We Come With More! – Swede:Art

Last week we released a series of Post- Red Bull Music Academy mixes from B.Bravo, 00Genesis, and Tokimonsta. They got a record amount of downloads, and many of you came back asking for more. And since you asked, we had to make it happen.

This week we’re releasing three more mixes made by RBMA 2010 participants. Today we present you Swede:art.

Peeps over at Red Bull Music Academy describe Swede:art as a “lad from Bavaria, who has one foot sunk in ‘90s boom bap and the other shoe dropping down a pixellated pathway to the future.” You will understand completely after hearing his selection for this post-RBMA beat tape, which surprisingly consists of 14 tracks, all by one producer – A-rec – another German beat-maker and Swede:art’s partner in crime for the “ABC Alphabeat” release on Error Broadcast… (OMFG, you can stream and download it FOR FREE right here)

Now, we urge you to open your mind and feel the beat. “Do not expect full-grown songs. The beauty of a beat tape lies in the incomplete…”


01. a-rec – dream interlude – error broadcast
02. a-rec – girls and boys – error broadcast
03. a-rec – yeahrrr – cdr
04. a-rec – hitter – cdr
05. a-rec – alphabeat – cdr
06. a-rec – s’wet – error broadcast
07. a-rec – lazy day – cdr
08. a-rec – rumble bass – cdr
09. a-rec – evidence – cdr
10. a-rec – space invaders – cdr
11. a-rec – humpingclowns – cdr
12. 215 the freshest kidz – vnecks (arec x swede:art rmx) – error broadcast
13. a-rec – wheel – cdr
14. a-rec – strongerthanme – cdr

And if you missed the last three excellent Post-RBMA mixes – grab them here:


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