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Win a Chrome Messenger Bag [2010]

Win a Chrome Messenger Bag [2010]

Friends at Chrome are being so generous to give away this limited edition messenger bag to one of our next 10 subscribers! So hurry up and get your Big Up subscription now (you’ve always wanted it anyway). Your chances are 1 to 10! We’ll draw your names from this hat. And we’ll update the post once we get 10 subscribers.

P.S. Chrome bags are guaranteed for life.


  • Tara

    I would if the link worked!!

  • server overload. The link is working now.

  • Brian

    Wow, this is a pretty sweet opportunity for a great product from a great site!! Atta boys and girls!!

  • Tara

    Nevermind! I got it and am now a new subscriber!

  • Yvette


  • Anthony Sanchez

    awesome website!

  • Patrick Hennessy


  • Bill Cash

    Sweet, chrome bag… ready to keep the beers cold inside

  • Alex

    1 in 10 chance of making finals week better

  • Tara

    Would definitely be a good way to show up to my new Coast Guard unit in style…too bad it doesn’t match my uniform. Oh well!

  • two subscriptions left! closing the competition after that. Get on it!

  • ryan


  • Mike

    I love that bag

  • Michael


  • Crap. I just subscribed a couple weeks ago. Got my first issue though! Dope! Big up!

  • tom g

    when will we hear more of this? do you have 10 yet? if so, who? not sure if I made it in time…

  • drawing is today at 4 pm pacific time. Still have one more spot. If noone subscribes, the chances will be 1:9.

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