Distance Interview


“Rather than making what’s popular now, it’s better to be making what’s gonna be big in the future.” Dj Distance talks about how it all started for him in dubstep, what he thinks about the sound nowadays, and where he is taking it in the future.
Courtesy of Scion A/V.

Scion Radio 17: Distance Interview from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

We’ve been lucky to chat with Distance about two years ago and feature the interview in our very first issue of Big Up. Today, a printed copy of Big Up Vol.1 is a rare treasure to find and we’ve decided to publish it online in its all entirety absolutely free! Read interviews with Ashes 57, Distance, Matty G, Giant, Caspa, Evgeniy Kiselev and many others…

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  • SHOKRHA [CO, Dubstep]

    Proper vibes. Thx Big Up Mag.!!

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