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Big Up Podcast 33 – Duffstep

Big Up Podcast 33 – Duffstep

On the first day of Fall, Duffstep is bringing us back to the deep, the spacey, the atmospheric, and the groovy. Don’t be confused by the name, Duffstep is not trying to make up yet another new sub-genre, he is simply getting to the very soul of the rave sound. And trust us, he has done it more than once in the mix. This one is for the head. Lights down, sub up, and space out…


Balam Acab – See Birds (Moon)
Eliphino – Let Me Love You Forever
Machinedrum – Carry The Weight
Duffstep – More Lies
Duffstep – Know you
George Fitzgerald – Weakness
Pariah – Railroad
Duffstep – Together
Duffstep – Close
Lone – Pineapple Crush
Falty DL – My Friends Will Always Stay
Aslope – Close
NuBirth – Anytime