Selectsism Holiday Giveaway

When we first found out about Selectism holiday giveaway, the natural reaction was “Are you stupid in the face??!!” (in Skepta voice.) Seriously though – the ENTIRE FABRIC AND FABRICLIVE MIXES COLLECTION?! MORE THAN 100 CDs?! It almost seems unfair that we can’t participate! But hey, good news for you. There are two ways to win, and if I were you, I’d make sure I tried both:

First: Join Selectism and FabricLondon pages on Facebook and leave a message on the Fabric Catalog discussion page.

Second: Retweet the following message: “Win the entire @fabriclondon back catalog of mixes from @selectism #fabricsprizeselectism”

Get on it!… But seriously? THE ENTIRE FABRIC COLLECTION??!!