Cex – Megamuse: Video + Download

Cex is releasing his Megamuse EP this upcoming Monday and here we’ve got the stream of the EP for you, as well as music video for the single from Cex’s upcoming album Tiny Creature.

Download Baconhead remix of “Secret Monog”:

Baconhead – UK-based duo consisting of Ebola and Autobee. As their press release states “The Baconhead sound is hard to define, inspired by math-rock and b-movie soundtracks as much as hip hop and dubstep.” But they really put it best themselves: “Baconhead is Ebola and Autobee. They make sci-fi beats to confuse your brain.” This reworked track “Secret Monog” by Cex, will no doubt confuse your brain with its “8-bit arpeggiated wormhole of low slung hip hop.” Enjoy.

Cex – Megamuse from tigerbeat6 on Vimeo.