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Big Up Podcast 39 – Last Japan

Big Up Podcast 39 – Last Japan

Wake Up! The sound of Last Japan is here, and this 21-year-old South London’s badboy ain’t playing around! Charged with youthful blasting energy and mature production skills, Last Japan (Marco Guiliani to his mum) is the young blood of the future. Just out of university, he’s already working on his debut album, officially remixes Diplo, Laidback Luke, Brondinski and gives away some of the best quality free music we’ve received in a while! We think the boy is gonna go far, most likely even further than Japan.


Last Japan is filling in the blanks…

I’m Last Japan, I generally enjoy… Ribena.

My best decision ever was… to put leaves in my mum and dads VHS player when I was 5.

If I could only listen to one album for the rest of my life, it would be… Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

When I produce, I just have to… have the tv on, but on mute.

When I produce, I stay away from… clothes, websites, and women.

As I’m typing this… I’m watching TV.

If I win a lottery I will… buy the Ribena company.

My music usually… contains a sine wave down at around 60hz.

My sound never… stays the same.

I want to be… a pilot when I grow up.

First thing I see when I close my eyes is… the future.

The 13th track on the mix…
my tune “Mountain Guerrilla”! (out now on four40records)

If my music was a meal, it would be… the first meal you have after you haven’t eaten in two days.


Scareware – Rusko
Pitcher – D1
Lose yourself (The Living Graham Bong Remix) – Marco Del Horno
Pules From The Drop – Lil Silva & Wiley
UFO – Skepta
Chelt – ill Blu
Illicit Dreaming – Kavsrave
Woooo Riddim (DJ Q Remix) – S-X
Surface – Blackwax
Thoughts – Trim
Girl – Last Japan
Back In The Game – Foamo & Randomer
Mountain Guerrilla – Last Japan
Hijack – Kashmir Kid
Settle Down – Last Japan
The Break Up (Anger) – Kavsrave
Slowdance – TOYC
Hawaii – MJ Cole
One – Skanky
Off The Radar – Wiley
Turn The Page (N29’s Under The Streets Edit) – The Streets
Valentine – Jassie Ware & Sampha


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