Review by Martin Collins:
Sirusmo’s Mosaik takes the listener on a refreshing 60 minute journey with influences ranging from early Detroit techno, hip hop, disco, soul, and dubstep; simultaneously reaching into the past while abstracting for the future. I recommend you stick this on, get comfy, and enjoy.

“High Together,” the first track on the CD release, is a bass-driven dancefloor bumper and the closest you’ll find to a conventional house track. “Feromonikon” is also a late night banger, keeping up the pace and cranking it a little harder. “Sirimande” really shows off Sirusmo’s talent by pushing it further and even manages to fit in an Ibizainspired hands-in-the-air break, just to keep you scratching your head… in a good way.

Other tracks that had me bobbing my head are the monster that is “Mosaik” and the unnervingly good “Bad Idea,” with its heart palpitation-inducing vocal and dubstep beats. “Einmal in der Woche schreien” is a delicious slice of new romantic Euro-pop and the ridiculously funky “Good Idea” will have discerning music lovers everywhere going nuts. “Nights Off” with its appreggiated bassline maintains the quality, and “Feed My Meatmachine” complements what has gone before, with a sound both hard and soulful. The introspective “Red Knob,” the last track, is the perfect finish to the album.

Berlin producer Sirusmo (aka Moritz Friedrich) packs his debut on Modselektor’s Monkeytown Records with the wonderful and the weird, creating an electronic collage that will make this one of the most played albums of 2011.

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“Mosaik” (MTR10) by Siriusmo

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