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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Interview + North American Tour Dates

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Interview + North American Tour Dates

The prehistorically clad young producer from Oxford known as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED for short or Orlando Higginbottom to his mom), has announced that he will be touring his mind-bogglingly unique and eclectic live performance across the US and Canada throughout the month of March. Orlando will commence his Jurassic journey at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, at the famed HARD festival, before continuing on to shows in Vancouver, SxSW, Miami, New York, San Francisco and more. We’ve distracted him for a few questions about his recent successful endeavors and future plans.

Interview by Iain McColl

Big Up: Hello mate, long time. How are you?
TEED: Good, pretty tired from a long weekend in Berlin.

So when and why did TEED first get started and what inspired you to do a live project?
A few years back, I got very bored… And TEED was always a live project, it was initially partly a reaction against deejaying. Now it’s just the obvious way to present my music.

I’m intrigued to know what software you use on stage?
Ableton, there is no secret. The live show is half fiddling around on Ableton, half looping keys and samplers and singing.

In just three words how would you describe your sound?
Could Be Louder

You’re known for singing on a lot of your releases. Have you always sung?
No, I kind of suprised myself with that. I don’t consider myself a singer at all, but I was singing along to stuff I was writing in the studio, and I thought I might as well try recording it. It’s a great option to have, but I’d lose a limb for a better voice.

So you’ve released 3 EPs already [“All in one sixty dancehalls”, “All in two sixty dancehalls” , and “Household Goods”] and they seem to have been really successful. What’s next on TEED’s agenda?
Next up is my album which im working on now, and a lot of gigs. Going to be super busy!! Also remixes of my last ep have just come out from Justin Martin and Lone. [Stream below] It looks like I am going to be working my arse off!

When is the best time to get in the studio for you?
I’m often particularly eager to get in the studio straight after playing a gig, or hearing a good DJ play.

Radio 1 DJ’s Annie Mac and Huw Stephens have been playing your stuff quite a lot, is it right? How do you feel about that kind of exposure?
Yea! It is amazing, I feel very lucky. Who wouldn’t want their music played on BBC radio 1? But of course it means I have to deliver something better with each record, which is difficult.

You recentely just played the 10th Anniversary event of Together at London’s Brixton Academy. How did it feel to be playing alongside such well known and established acts such as Mark Ronson, Annie Mac, Katy B and many more?
It was cool being on the same bill as those people, but honestly I was way more excited about the venue. That room is HUGE!

Listen to TEED’s Household Goods remixes EP by Lone and Justin Martin:
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household Goods Remixes EP by T-E-E-D

US Tour Dates:
March 12th – HARD Weekend at Club Nokia, LA
March 14th – Venue TBC, Vancouver
March 15th – SXSW – British Embassy Showcase, Latitude 30
March 16th – SXSW – Moshi Moshi & Greco-Roman Party, Beauty Bar
March 17th – Le Belmont, Montreal
March 18th – The Mod Club, Toronto
March 19th – Public Assembly, New York
March 26th – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco

Official video for Household Goods by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: