Big Up Podcast 42 – Fused Forces

The dynamic duo known as Fused Forces have a gift for you! From Essex, UK, these two combine their powers to produce dubstep, grime, and hiphop, and have been doing so for the past 6 years. In this exclusive mix – opening with it’s beautiful and melodic ease – surely the deep bass starts to takeover. Dark and heavy, bouncy and futuristic, it’s one for the listening! Sit back and let the wobbles relax your mind. While you’re at it, read the interview!


Fused Forces filling in the blanks:

We are Fused Forces, we believe in… Music, enjoying ourselves, being your own individual, not jumping on bandwagons, believing in what you love, and generally being respectful towards other artists.

If our music was a car, it would be… A Porsche! Clinical engineering, sleek design, and made for enjoying!!!

The most annoying question we get asked is… I don’t think there is a particular question we get asked a lot or one that we get annoyed at! If someone has a question, we’re usually more than happy to answer it. Some people have the ideology that helping other people within the music scene is not the way forward, but we hide no secrets and are more than willing to answer any questions asked of us!

When creating tunes, we can’t be bothered to… Argue when it comes to decision making about a track. If one of us wants to delete the whole track and start afresh then there is no argument! Everything is kept breezy, which in turn helps a track evolve naturally.

We are inspired by… Anything positive in life generally. Music from all genres is a great inspiration but sometimes the best inspiration can come from a positive experience in life. Even achievements within music that inspire you to progress more, or seeing other people achieve certain things can inspire you to achieve the same!

Track #7 on our mix is… called “Showdown” by an artist called Haze. Haze is an alias the producer is working under and is pushing his stuff in a different direction. Unfortunately we cannot divulge the information regarding who this producer is!

When playing a show, we want you to… Enjoy our set as much as possible! We always try to assess the crowd, so we can incorporate different styles of dubstep into our set. That way each individual listening has their own unique perspective on their favourite part of the show.

Our dream venue is equipped with… Lager on the pump behind the decks (Dangerous, yet essential in our dream venue!), a serious amount of sound system, sturdy turntables (both vinyl & cd), and a dedicated sound engineer constantly tweaking the night to perfection.

Track # 12 on the mix was from…Fused Forces! “The Crypt” is a fairly new production from us and it portrays the kind of direction we’re heading at the moment. A lot of the tracks being made in the studio currently have this same kind of flavour to them.

1. B-LAM – Synchronicity & Raw [0:00]
2. Cyrus – Alone [2:02]
3. Kromestar – Grey Thought [4:17]
4. Fused Forces & S-Dot – Purification [6:59]
5. Duskdown – Late Night 1990 (Dub Mechanics Remix) [9:15]
6. Phaeleh – Fuzzbox [11:03]
7. Haze – Showdown [13:18]
8. Catacombs – Warsaw (Fused Forces Remix) [15:33]
9. J-Kenzo – Nocturnal Feelings [17:49]
10. Goli & Ashburner – Beasts [19:36]
11. K1 – Who U Hang With [21:25]
12. Fused Forces – The Crypt [23:13]
13. D-Cult – Drunken Master [25:28]
14. Biome – Flesh [27:43]
15. Shredexx – Knock Knock [29:32]
16. Fused Forces – Street Level [31:47]
17. Kromestar – Sweet Nightmares [33:35]
18. Fused Forces – Dummy Round [35:50]
19. Shredexx – Silence [37:38]
20. Haze – Feel Me [40:07]
21. Fused Forces – Roach Material [42:22]
22. Catacombs – The World Is Yours [45:04]
23. Side-Projekt – Lift Dub (Fused Forces Remix) [46:52]
24. Yoof – Prophecy [49:08]


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  • Mel

    can i just say that Lift Dub track is fucking amazing! big up fused forces!

  • SickBoy


  • S-Dot

    Thanks for including our colab boys. Mix is heavy

  • Dezz

    Well done lads, sick mix! Tune selection is large and mixing is tight as hell!


  • BIG mix. Looking forward to hearing more from Fused Forces

  • DBD

    Fused Forces, the best in the game. Unique sound, spot one of their tunes a mile off

  • Awesome mix.

    Props for including DCult’s “Drunken Master”. Out next month (alongside a new Fused Forces track) on Triangulum!

  • Love the blog, I’ve listened to bare like 42 times today. Keep up the blog man!

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