Night Slugs USA Tour Canceled

UPDATE: Unfortunately the US tour is canceled. But They’re still going to be in Vancouver and Toronto! This is from Bok Bok’s twitter:


Decibel Festival is in full gear prepping for this year’s extravaganza and on March 21st they’re presenting Night Slugs night to the lucky Seattlites. Stellar line-up! Don’t sleep if you’re in town.

March 8th – Denver, Colorado

March 9th – Houston, Gritsy.

March 11th, Night Slugs are gracing New York at Club Infinity night.

March 19th – San Francisco’s Icee Hott at Public Works.

March 20th – Portland.

The rest of the country, please google it, Bok Bok, Kingdom, and Girl Unit might be in your town this month as well.


  • We have them swinging through on the 8th, SO EXCITED!!

  • LadyV, your night is added.

  • AK

    not anymore 🙁

    tour cancelled

  • no shit!? no info bout that anywhere yet…

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