We thought you might need more triangles in your life:

Sometimes press releases are written so damn beautifully, that it would really be a shame to re-write it and have you read our own blabber, rather than a fine piece of writing. This is exactly the case today. So we’re making it easy for everyone and copy-pasting it riiiiight heeere:

The Timps is Real Electro… Faceless, percussive, underground drumbeats with a sci-fi feel. Dark, futuristic and dancefloor-oriented, punctuated with elements of 80’s Detroit Techno. Real Electro.

Om Unit has blasted his sound into deep space, adding eerie electronic futurism to his niche blend of slow boogie, house, techno and hip-hop beats with those classic analogue synth lines. It nods to both the ever exciting and forever morphing instrumental beat scene and to the heavy flow of early pioneering Detroit techno via UR and the likes of Drexciya/Aux 88. The Timps sees Om Unit interfacing funk and futurism. Analogue bass lines are sequenced, arpeggiated and twisted to devastating effect. Synthetic riffs and atonal sound effects with heavy reverbs, delays and phasers drift along with eerie synthetic strings emphasizing the retro futuristic themes of the music.

Remixes come from Frite Nites’ US beat maker and a one-to-watch in 2011, Salva, and Wagon Repair’s Hrdvsion aka Nathan Jonson who, along with brother, Matthew, is part of North American Techno’s first family.

Salva’s rework of Prawn Cocktail pulses and throbs towards its intergalactic destination, with beats that speed along with accelerating urgency. Hrdvsion on the other hand takes The Timps and disconnects completely to float off alone into deep space with his epic, eerie and atomspheric reworking.

This is Electro. Real Electro. Moody, minimal and 25 years on.

One thing we’re gonna add: Out on March 21st via Civil Music.