Big Up Podcast 44 – Pixelord

Siberian-born, Moscow-based Alexey Devyanin is one hell of a Pixelord. Having spent years of his life writing experimental music as Gultskra Artikler (which the open-minded should definitely check out), Alexey got himself a Playstation and started pixelording around with hip-hop, 8-bit, dub and everything in between. As a result, numerous releases on Error Broadcast, lots of gigs at the beat scene events, and the brand new Puzzles EP out on Seattle-based label Car Crash Set. Boy, you make the eastern bloc proud. Keep it up!


Pixelord fills in the blanks:

– I’m Pixelord and I thoroughly enjoy… pixelording around

– Without my music, I would… feel incomplete

– My best decision in life was… to sleep less.

– When I grow up, I wanna be... like Mickey Rourke in Megaman suit πŸ™‚

– My favorite karaoke song is… “Snap – I got the power”

– When I’m making a beat, I just hate… my laziness!

– If I could break all the rules, the first thing I would… invent teleportation

– Producers, please stop… releasing everything you have! choose only the best tunes to show to the world.

00 – intro
01 Lostlojic & Bisweed – Will Be
02 Peon – Wanchu
03 My Panda Shall Fly – Injury (DoReMi Remix)
04 Pixelord – Oh Lord (Submerse Remix)
05 Tom Encore – Spellbound (Zeppy Zep remix)
06 C.R.S.T. – Feel It
07 Naive Machine – Lazor Zaap
08 Kahn – Like We Used To
09 Krampfhaft – Congo Blade Runner
10 Naive Machine – Tiltin Ova (Pixelord remix)
11 Pixelord – Fish Touch (tropical vip)
12 Naive Machine – Making it up and up
13 Roof Light – Heart Like An Airport Runaway
14 Clicks & Whistles – Radiator
15 Nocow – Struggle
16 – outro


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