Big Up Podcast 46 – Marcus Intalex

Photo by Ashes57

He needs no introduction. 21 years deep into the bass game, Marcus Intalex is recognized by millions of music fans in cross-over genres for deejaying, promoting events, radio shows, and running two essential record labels. Having been this busy, his first solo album is only being released now 21 years in, and it’s appropriately entitled 21. We have asked Marcus to create a mix of some of his favorite beats at the moment, and he came through with vibes. If you expect jungle or drum and bass, we are pleased to say: not this time, baby. Instead, breath in and dive deep…

Marcus Intalex fills in the blanks.

– Hi, I’m Marcus Intalex, and I thoroughly enjoy… discovering great new things, ie. music, art, film, food ,people, golf courses.

– My best decision in life was… pursue my interest in music and work for myself.

– 20 years ago I would never believe if you told me… I’d still be doing pretty much what I was back then, but making a decent living out of it.

– I can’t function all day if in the morning I don’t… get 8 hours sleep.. which is most days.

– In people I admire… honesty, self belief and humility.

– In musical production, I can’t stand... the replication of something just for popularity or money.

– When I deejay, I rarely… look happy.

– New producers, please stop... sounding like other producers from the same music scene.

– I feel happy when I… feel like I played a good set, played a great golf course, ate a great meal, watched a great movie or tv, experienced soemthing new.

– My personal inspirational anthem is... Radiohead “Pyramid” song. It’s deep, moody and sad but inwardly very powerful and uplifting.

– 11th track on the mix makes me… wish I knew how to mix down.

– If my music was a meal, it would be… fish n chips.

Tracklist: (unedited, Marcus likes it with no caps)

1. julio bashmore – batty knee dance – 3024
2. scuba – feel it – hot flush
3. marcus intalex – derelict – dub
4. the other people place – let me be me – warp
5. boddika – you tell me
6. marcus intalex – centrifugal force – dub
7. instra:mental – thomp – non plus
8. skudge – convolution – 2562 remix2
9. sicko cell – swamp81
10. john tejada – subdivided – kompact
11. marcus intalex – dusk – soulr
12. l vis 1990 – forever you – night slugz
13. jon convex – order into chaos – 3024
14. a made up sound – rear window – delsin
15. eqd – eqd 2b – equalized


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  • mr. Intalex takin us to a depthtrip!! :] big ups! lovin the open minded DJs that play tunes different from their usual field of production/djing. So..yeah 🙂 rspct from Bulgaria and 10x for the podcast!

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