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Comma ~ "Colortronics" (Frite Nite) Review

Comma ~ "Colortronics" (Frite Nite) Review


Ken Griffey Jr. by Comma

Words by Ivy Something

Take a moment to envision the most remote and secretive space possible. Within that space, imagine a network built entirely of tiny projected illusions forever morphing in size, shape, and perspective. Now, shift your focus just beneath the foundation of that network to find the sprawling lifeline of oscillating blueprints — all written by the blink of an eye, controlled by time, and created by the reflections of sound. You have entered a realm of sensual unpredictability. The past, present, and future remain only a concept within the questioning of reality. Welcome to the kaleidoscopic world of Colortronics, the latest 7-track album from the prismatic mind of Comma.

“Ken Griffey Jr.” leads the way (in sonic form as the first track of course), with a straight launch into the soulful side of Comma’s infinite spectrum. Next up, “Mezcal Hologram” shows off crooning vintage synths and brain-wetting snare splashes, creating the tight dance invoking track appropriately featured in Eprom’s 2010 Yearlist for Lowriders Collective. A more rapidly chilled version of “Mezcal Hologram” (revisited in a remix by Om Unit) fits seamlessly into the vibe toward the end of the album. Also on the remix lineup, “Slimer” – an energizing blend of bruising beats and power leads by the Darkhouse Family from South Whales, which conjurs up quite the finale.

In summary, Colortronics feels as if you rewound yourself within the spindles of a magnetic tape cartridge, read and rewrote the schematics for a Korg Poly 800, converted the files to nanochip technology and fast-forwarded (yes, that’s a word) into a sucka-free dimension — all in time to receive a time-honored reward from the future for being so fresh.

Colortronics minimum hardware and software requirements: a USB-friendly spacesuit and an inspiring mind.

Colortronics is out today and 100 cassette tapes are available directly from Frite Nite.

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