Help Eskmo/Welder Make New Music Video

Do you remember this brilliant video for Eskmo’s “Cloudlight”? Well, this month Brendan Angelides aka Eskmo will get a chance to work with the same team of directors and cinematographers to work on a video for his Welder project, for a tune “I Still” from his upcoming album Florescence. But he will only be able to do this with your help. Brendan has started a pledge on Kickstarter to raise money for the video. If every unique visitor to our site today can support this project with one dollar, we’d be done by tomorrow morning. So if you’ve ever been touched by the sounds of Eskmo or Welder, please support him now.


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  • Larry,
    Since I read about and saw pictures from people using variable ND filters, I’ve been intrigued about getting one. Unfortunately, they can be very expensive. I think I read the same article where someone suggested using welding glass. I hadn’t tried it yet, and based on your DDIY, I think I’ll stay away.
    I did do a quick search on eBay and noticed some really cheap variable ND filters. In the 77mm size, there are plenty under $30. Then there’s another group around $50-60. I’m sure it’s nothing like a Sing-Ray for quality, but I was wondering if you’ve ever been tempting to try one out to see how it works?

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