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Big Up Podcast 52 – Silent Dust

Big Up Podcast 52 – Silent Dust

Photo by Ashes57

The second piece of music for you today is on entirely different vibe. Silent Dust – a talented duo from UK – previously known as Hobzee & Zyon Base in the dnb scene – now produce these beautiful arrangements of texturized dubstep, sonic base, and sound perfect for a film noir, what’s with all the cinematic vocals and dark imagery. They are releasing their self-titled album end of this month, and have graciously agreed to share the preview of the album material, including the very first song created for the album: “Marlow.” We’ll cut with the words now, it’s all about this music, preferably in the dark.


Apart from writing serious music, the guys are quite fun themselves. We got some hilarious bits from them. Read on.


– Our name is Silent Dust, and you can always find us…
Andy: in da club?
Dan: hanging around the KFC in Victoria Place.

– We like to play our music to…
Andy: anyone.

– In the studio we rarely…
Andy: work together.
Dan: pre-plan our dance moves. All off the cuff.

– When we’re bored with our lives we usually…
Dan: carry on regardless.

– 2 years ago we would have never thought…
Andy: we would have our own record label.

– Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj are like…
Andy: chalk & cheese and we much prefer cheese.

– Our best decision so far was…
Andy: setting up our own label… I think.
Dan: to do this interview. I’m having a great time!

– When our music blows up, first thing we’ll do…
Andy: buy matching capes.
Dan: is ignore P Diddy’s phone calls and hold on for Lil Wayne.

– Wouldn’t it be amazing, if everyone in the world…
Andy: jumped at the same time?
Dan: knew how to make a decent cup of tea.

– Silent Dust was the name we chose…
Andy: for our album and then eventually for ourselves.

– When we perform in front of people, please never…
Dan: ever have I ever felt so low, when you gonna take me out of this black hole. Never ever have I… oh sorry, got distracted there.

1. Cassie – Me & U (acapella) / Silent Dust – Typist
2. Silent Dust – The Sun Also Rises / Silent Dust – 1959
3. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Rain on Lens / Silent Dust – Projection
4. Silent Dust – Levitation Theme
5. Silent Dust – Nordvedt Effect / Silent Dust – Zero-Nine-Zero / Silent Dust – Before Tomorrow
6. Silent Dust – Marlowe / Silent Dust – Shadows on the Wall (feat DRS) / Silent Dust – Winter Song
7. Silent Dust – A Million Words / Nicki Minaj – Your Love (Silent Dust Remix) / Silent Dust – The Giant
8. Silent Dust – One


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