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D1 (Dwayne Marsh to mom) is the name that brings warm memories to the original dubstep heads. Yes, quite possibly a track by D1 was your first ever dubstep track, perhaps this is how you got turned onto Caspa’s DubPolice label, and the whole dubstep madness sound from UK. Maybe you even own one of his Tempa releases, now crowned as historic early dubstep anthems. Or maybe you managed to catch him deejaying live over the last few years that he’s been touring the world with the DubPolice crew. And if none of the above applies to you, then you should get ready to be hearing a lot more from one like D1, who now dropped his new My Style compilation on Dub Police, the second only ever to Caspa. We had some questions for D1, and he had some elaborate answers…

You’ve been in the dubstep/bass music scene for a while now, seeing it change and evolve. What is it about the genre that excites you now, if anything?

I suppose the fact that it’s still changing and still evolving excites me. There’s lots of new producers coming through making great tracks, which I think raises the bar for everyone… I think in general within UK dance music a lot of good stuff is happening.

What music did you rock out to in your bedroom as a teenager?

A lot of garage, grime, early dubstep… A bit of jungle. I used to listen everything and anything! Haha

What moved you to produce your first track?

I come from a musical household. My dad use to make music and my mum used to sing. I started playing the piano at 7 and the saxophone at 11. So I’ve always had music around me and been involved with it from an early age. I think going to secondary school and listening to pirate radio and hearing the early-early dubstep sound, which was then called “dark garage,” made me want to be a DJ and once I started deejaying, it wasn’t long before I wanted to start making my own music.

Has your sound changed over the last few years, and how so? Which other artists/genres have influenced the changes?

Yeah, definitely. If you listen to my early stiff it was quite dark, this was when I first started producing. And I suppose over the years, like anything, it’s just evolved into what I do today. With what I’m doing now it’s a lot more up-tempo and melodically-driven, more so than being completely bass-driven. I can’t pinpoint any particular things that made me want to start to change my sound, but I have always had love for other genres of music other than dubstep. And I think listening to producers like Diplo, Switch, Atrak, Redlight, Herve, Sinden to name a few,
and listening to the sort of hybrid style they had, made me want to start incorporating other elements to my sounds. So I mean I had always tried different things within my productions, but I don’t think I really tried to start pushing the boundaries fully until maybe two years ago. And I think now within my tracks you can hear elements of garage, house, old school jungle, happy hardcore, and dubstep, all forced into one. Haha!

D1 Floods Of Emotions Feat. Jenna G by Dub Police

What software/hardware you absolutely can’t do without in the studio?

Obviously my Mac, because nothing can be made without that. But other than that it would have to be this cool free plugin I found, called Gorge. It’s limited in what it can do but it has some amazing sounds on there.

What was the most memorable show you ever played and why?

There’s two. First one was a warehouse rave I did in London a few years ago, and the vibe there was immense. Everyone was just having a good time. I ended up playing for an extra hour, ’cause I was having so much fun. And the second has to be the show I did in Denver with DubPolice. It was our last show of the tour and everyone was going crazy, climbing on speakers, going nuts! That was a really cool party. There’s a clip of that show on YouTube somewhere.

Any plans to tour the US? Any stateside artists you enjoy listening to?

Hopefully next year maybe. Would be cool. Just have to wait and see. As for the artists, obviously Matty G, who’s got some really good tracks. I always like to listen to Diplo’s stuff. He’s always doing something different, and I like a lot of Dillon Francis stuff too.

Open your iTunes and tell us what track has the most plays. No cheating.

It changes all the time, but at the minute it’s Kavinsky “Nightcall.”

Who would you like to Big Up?

Everyone down at DubPolice and everyone supporting my music


 – If I had an extra arm, I would… be in prison!

 – My best decision so far was… joining the DubPolice camp.

 – If my music was a meal, it would be… fish fingers, beans, mash potatoes and cheese.

D1 – Keep On Lovin [FREE DOWNLOAD} by Dub Police


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