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The crew mixing down tunes

Thursday 11/24

Fun, busy and pretty hungover day for all of us. The looming last day (tomorrow) is starting to set in for everybody, causing a bit of a rush to finish studio projects, start last minute collabs, and lots of jamming. We have to cherish the last two days. Today I got interviewed on RBMA radio, played a few tunes and talked about what I do… it was fun. The host was Nick Dwyer, a TV and radio personality from New Zealand who was out partying with us every night of the session – he’s a super cool dude and great to hang out with. He also interviewed some of my favorite lecturers from the session… he’s really good at his job, he brought some really good stories out of the lecturers. Speaking of, today he hosted Peaches for our lecture series today, she was a riot!!

Maxin’ with Peaches

I was familiar with her music from a while back, but never realized she signed to XL, was responsible for many fashion and performance styles used by Christina Aguilera, Brittney Spears and more, toured with huge acts like Marilyn Manson, also was responsible for M.I.A. buying her first MC-505 beat box. Peaches was very frank and candid as one may expect, but she was REAL. I wasn’t a big fan of her music before, but I’m about to go get all of it when I get home because I just think she’s rad. She showed us videos of her and her band working lazier harps on stage (one day if I play my cards right hopefully I can have one.) She’s even doing a proper musical now in Germany with 70 year old strippers, sexy transvestites and lots of vaginas and penises. The videos looked hilarious, but it was actually a very quality production – you can say what you wan’t about her style, but she’s on top of her art.

The RBMA radio on-location studio

The show tonight was Dopplereffekt with Yosi Horikawa opening. Yosi is one of my favorite participants, as a person and a musician. He doesn’t speak much English, but he cracks all of us up so much. Hoping to sign a record from him for Frite Nite one day… he’s a real genuine dude.

Biblo from Instanbul finished up her deep drone dub tunes

The last few days one of the funkiest cats in the whole world (actually the embodiment of Funk culture to be exact) Bootsy Collins has been hanging around. He showed up in the middle of the Tony Visconti lecture and even Mr. Visconti was like “damn that guys a legend.” Today he stayed in the main studio pretty much all day recording songs with the participants. He’ll be our final guest lecturer for tomorrow, I’m actually going to get to sit and soak up the history of the realest band ever to do it from the member who really was the foundation of the group. Wow… pretty amazing closer I reckon. We got to talk a bit and after he shook my hand I was magically like 25% cooler (at least), I’ve been walking like a pimp ever since.

Anenon, Benji B. and the RBMA founders in the control room during the Bootsy jam


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