Salva RBMA Diary – Day 6

Wu-Tang, forever…me with the RZA.

Friday 11/18

Assuming today will be the pinnacle of our session, it’ll be really hard to top this one. The original Wu-Tang Clan leader, multi-platinum producer, film composer, rapper and soon to be film director, the RZA took time out of his schedule to come lecture and perform for us. As I wrote yesterday I was starting to become accustomed to chilling with my heroes, I was totally starstruck sitting five feet from RZA. He broke down secrets of his production, unveiled samples from his early hits, talked the life and times of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, formation of the Wu-Tang Clan, Kung Fu movies, even played a song he did with Notorious B.I.G. that I’d never heard. He gave us one of the most spiritually-directed and inspirational lectures yet. He went into detail about him working with Kanye West recently in Hawaii recording his last album, and the insane hustle Kanye has… made me respect him even more than I already do. RZA is also finishing his directorial debut “The Man with the Iron First”, which he shot in China and is also doing the score for. He spoke about his apprenticeship with Quentin Tarantino. Apparently during the “Kill Bill” movies, RZA was on set the whole time taking notes and studying under Tarantino. The lecture came to a head as he described how Tarantino was taking notes learning from HIM during the shooting of the “Iron Fist”, with Tarantino telling RZA “the student has now taught the master…” One of many parallels between all the lectures and experience here is that all things seem to come full circle.

Anenon lights up the darkness

This morning’s first lecture was from a name that I think should become household pretty soon, Techno and House producer John Talabot from Barcelona. I’ve heard some of his works before and was a fan, but hearing some new bits from his upcoming album on the Permanent Vacation label, I was totally sprung. His music is really funky and deep. Between that and all my pent up inspiration from the week, I literally ran to one of the studios after the lecture and within a half hour I had a super funky track laid down with chords, baseline and some percussion. Exeter, Boogie Hoswer, Claude Speed and Ronika came in to hang out and everybody started contributing.

Mortin Subotnik, the originator of getting weird with it

The evening was comprised of two events, the first in an absolutely gorgeous sit down theater in the city center where a large and again sold out crowd of experimental music enthusiasts came to enjoy our lecturer from yesterday, the pioneer of synthesis Morton Subotnik. This was pretty big theater, seating of at least a thousand people. Still high from the RZA lecture we walked in to the performance which had already begun. Anenon played one of the most beautiful sets I’ve heard this week – this was his element. A completely silent theater sat in awe as he played some almost psychedelic jazz lines on his saxophone, which he was recording live into his setup, and then proceeded to rearrange the live sax recording into an amazing beatless composition. It was really good. Then Morton Subotnik and his visual artist did about 40 minutes of pretty insane noise, generating sounds and images that the average listener/viewer couldn’t imagine on their own. As a musician I understood the context and what he was doing and was amazed – I wonder what the average fan must have thought!

Marco Passarani, Dorian Concept and Fabian Bruhn

After the long day of lectures and the theater event I was thinking about staying back at the hotel tonight, I didn’t want to end up getting sick from not sleeping. But a big club night was looming, and I had to show love for Nick Hook, Naphta and Doc Daneeka all supporting Modeselektor. What a zoo this place was… people just going crazy everywhere. Nick Hook stole the night for me…he went from early House and Electro to some banging new school B-more, and ended his set with a healthy dose of classic and current Hip Hop cuts which was refreshing. The mixed-format (inna proper Fool’s Gold stylee) even works in Madrid where I’m assuming they don’t know half of the Hip Hop shit he was playing. Doc Daneeka unleashed some more Techno-style cuts mixed in with his eclectic array of modern Garage sounds. The party was super rowdy, at least two or three thousand people. I’ve been here a week now and gone out every night – and I haven’t heard any gross dubstep… this really must be heaven.

Nick Hook opening for Modeselektor… guess they are pretty popular here


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