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Tuesday 11/22

I was really sick today (I knew I would be) but I didn’t let it hold me back too much. The RBMA folks had to bring me medicine this morning but I did buck up and ended up having a really fun and productive night. I slept pretty much the whole afternoon, right now I’m just focused on making sure I can be healthy for my gig tomorrow. I took a cab to the Matadero to catch one of the guest engineers (those who stay at the studio with us every night and help us out) Robin Hannibal who was giving a special class on music writing and song arrangement. This guy is easily one of the most brilliant minds at the Academy this year, and I think it’s safe to say the most experienced composer/arranger here, probably more so than a lot of the lecturers that came in. Robin plays several instruments and his productions are so insanely musical, and very soulful. This was the most formally academic session we’ve had so far here, I learned a lot and took lots of notes. He broke down a song / arrangement he did with classic Motown composer Leon Ware which was probably the most musical production I’ve ever seen in Logic (which was great because it’s the program I use in the studio). Just from this class alone I think I’m going to step my game up dramatically on music writing. The actual RBMA lecture series today was Pearson Sound, who I’ve gotten a chance to tour with before, and I’m really familiar with his music. I’m going to have to watch it online… shame on me for missing it but I literally was comatose all morning.

Nuehen and Monki Valley, two participants from Barcelona who always show me around Madrid

Ran into Hatcha tonight at the academy (another ace, everybody is so cool here) right before his set which was at another hall of the Matadero complex. Along with Hatcha is Clams Casino, Prins Thomas and others for a venue celebrating different formats of music. The different artists played vinyl, tape, iPad, CDs, etc. We couldn’t pull ourselves away from the studio though! I danced around super high on cold medication while a solid group of us banged out a really fun disco ballad. Nick Hook put down some slap bass and a drum track, I laid down keys and wrote vocal melodies and lyrics with Ronika, and Marco Passarani on the boards. Dorian Concept of course came in and slayed like 10 tracks worth of amazing synth lines and made me look bad. There were moments when we were all screaming and clapping because of the amazing takes that were happening in this session… it was magic. I realized that I never want to make music alone again, the collaborative process – especially with musicians that have a completely different set of talents than I do – is simply far beyond what any one person can do in their bedroom studio alone. Tomorrow we have another living legend Tony Visconti (one of David Bowie and Brian Eno’s main producers and collaborators) and I’m playing tomorrow night with Benji B. and Jesse Boykins III. Should be a good one. I’m very thankful for this Spanish nuclear-grade cold medicine they got me on – there must be some codeine or opium in this shit cuz it gets you really high…. Yee!!!

Nick Hook, Fabian Bruhn, Doc Daneeka work on the inception of our tune

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