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Big Up Podcast 53 – Seekae

Big Up Podcast 53 – Seekae

You know when you go out to a show and the supporting band, that you’ve never heard of, is actually much better than the headliner. And you’re blown away. And you just can’t believe that you’ve been missing out on this talent… Well, you might have the same feeling when you take a listen to Seekae. Maybe it’s for the fact that the trio is from Sydney, and their fame travels slow across the ocean, but we were completely in awe with their +DOME album, that took everything we knew about IDM, hip-hop, indie pop and post-rock, threw it all away and renamed it into “ghetto ambient.” Whatever you call it, it sounds fucking nice. And chill. And we can’t get enough. So we asked Seekae to put together a Big Up Podcast for us. But mainly for you. Enjoy.

Shouts to Shilo for hooking this up!

1. I Drive – Cliff Martinez
2. The Morning – The Weeknd
3. Bowls – Caribou
4. Give Up The Ghost (Thriller Houseghost RMX) – Radiohead
5. Lost – Actress
6. ABAW 723 – Phon.o
7. Ruby – Mount Kimbie
8. The Goose That Got Away – Objekt
9. He Had A Good Time – Cliff Martinez
10. Bohla – Blawan
11. Yodal – Seekae
12. c.j.ccc.jj.fff.jjj.ii.k.hh. – Unknown Artist
13. Quantum Leap – John Maus


Seekae – +DOME (Live at the Metro Theatre, Sydney 2011) from Spinning Cube on Vimeo.


– Hi, we’re Seekae, and we are the best at… microsampling

– We’d never start making music if… it was racist

– Between the three of us, we always argue over… hypothetical situations

– When we’re in the studio, we absolutely have to… turn the power switch on

– It’s amazing when while we’re playing a show… John takes his top off

– We hope that our +DOME album will… take it to the paint

– If we had to pick only one genre of music to produce till the end of our lives… we would stop making music.

– Please never compare our sound to the sound of… early 90’s Australian bush doof

– We’d be really into playing a show with… Radiohead

– If our music was a meal it would be… metal and hard to eat.

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