Big Up Podcast 57 ~ Synkro

With upcoming releases on numerous respected labels, like Space Cadets, and Auxiliary, including “Why Don’t You” set to kick off the re-birth of Apollo records, and recently released gem “Dwelling” on the Blood Pressure compilation for Med School Music, we felt it’s a perfect moment to ask our favorite Mancunian – Joe Synkro – to contribute to Big Up Podcast with a mix. And as he always has done in the past, he exceeded our expectations, delivering one of the deepest, most meditative, thoughtful, and of course bass-heavy mixes we’ve ever heard. It is also one of the hardest mixes to describe with words, and we’re getting pretty emotional every time we try, so the best we can really do, is provide you with the download link and a play button. You do the rest.



– Hi, I’m Synkro, and I’m quite decent at… messing around with sounds.

– My most hated DJ moment was… a terrible incident in LA at some sketchy warehouse.. if you know me personally I have probably told you the story.

– My best music work to date is… not sure, I am very critical of my own work.

– If I’m not in the studio, you can find me… on the way to the studio.

– The world would be a better place if music producers stopped… worrying weather their tracks will ‘go off in a club’

– The fact that Apollo relaunches with my new EP makes me… very honored, it means a lot to me. Much respect to Ren for the support. Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient works is still one of my biggest inspirations musically.

– I never talk about my music with… my dog.

– If I had to play one song till the rest of my life, I’d pick… couldn’t say. probably something by Aphex or Xela?

– Best meal in Manchester under 10 pounds… Fuel in Withington.

1. Synkro – Knowledge [Forthcoming Apollo]
2. ASC & Synkro – Borderline [Forthcoming Auxiliary]
3. DFRNT – Monday Morning (Indigo Remix) [Forthcoming On The Edge]
4. Bop – Impermanence [Forthcoming Med School]
5. Emily Barker – Pause (Indigo Remix) [Dub]
6. Stickman – Pressure [Forthcoming Med School]
7. ???? – ???? [Dub]
8. Frederic Robinson – Roadtrip [Forthcoming Med School]
9. Tokyo Prose – Echoes (Synkro Remix) [Forthcoming Samurai Music]
10. ASC – TMA-1 [Space Cadets]
11. ASC & Synkro – Sacred Moments [Forthcoming Auxiliary]
12. Nether – Moon Dub [Forthcoming Space Cadets]

Blood Pressure is out now on Med School Music. Get it here.


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