Big Up Podcast 59 – Mite [Mix+Q/A]

It’s a rare and unique occasion when we receive a mix of all-original material, and when it happens we don’t think twice about publishing it. Especially when it comes to Mite‘s all-original material. Prepare to hear a whole lot more from and about this Atlanta-based Embassy Recordings artist, just as his (collaborative with Ewalk) brand new EP Body Tap drops via B.YRSLF. Obviously man’s got a lot more tricks up his sleeve. Keep watch.


– Hi, My name is Mite and I thoroughly enjoy…getting high on life

– I hate it when people… see below, re: gnarles barkley

– My Sundays are usually… relaxing

– If I had to choose between producing and deejaying… that’s a tough one. Playing tunes, especially your own, is a different kinda high than writing them alone in a studio. I pick DJing.

– The latest piece of music I wrote was… something at 130

– Track 6 on the mix always makes me… feel sentimental.

– I named my new EP Body Tap because… EWALK and I wanted to write something lush and sexy. There’s this really hood strip club now out of business, which we named it in honor of.

– My mom thinks my music is… “nice.”

– When I start a new track, first thing I do… usually coffee.

– Electronic music producers, please stop… naming yourself in the vein of gnarles barkley. :/

– My most useful iPhone app is… iMaschine

– Daisy from Track 12 on the mix is… a local legend who’s always looking for her special someone, much like the headless horseman always looking for his head. Her haunts are bars. You don’t want to watch her going from person to person at the bar, but by the time you look up from sipping your beer you realize it’s too late and it’s okay, afterall, everyone’s watching! Then you start to think, where did it all go wrong for her? Who’s her favorite power ranger? How does she like her coffee? Daisy if you’re out there…. we hope you find that man you’ve been looking for.


01. Mite + Broodlings – 303 Trick
02. Mite – Hypersex [BYRSLF DVISION]
03. Mite + Ewalk – Ykk (Denim Smile)
04. Mite – Star Architext
05. Mite + B.Laing – BF/GF
06. Mite – For You
08. Mite + Ewalk – Body Tap [BYRSLF DIVISION]
09. Mite + Ewalk – Iron Gaiden [BYRSLF DIVISION]
10. Mite – Timestamp [PARTYGUY RECORDINGS]
11. Mite – Overture (Lover’s Strings)
12. Mite, Distal + Silkie – Something Wrong With Daisy [SOUNDS OF THE COSMOS]
13. AXH – Break Me Off (Mite RMX)
14. Mite – Chocolate Circuit [EMBASSY RECORDINGS]
15. Mite – Vimana


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