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Red Bull Music Academy NYC Postponed To Spring 2013

Red Bull Music Academy NYC Postponed To Spring 2013

Winter in New York is not exactly what we were looking forward to. It’s cold. You have to wear way too many layers. And gloves. Who likes wearing gloves in this touchscreen age? But we were ok with it coming up, because we had something to look forward to – Red Bull Music Academy 2012. With lots of exciting music, lectures, and events to light up the city… Well, not anymore.

Red Bull Music Academy is now postponed to spring 2013, due to delays in construction. (Oh, endless Manhattan constructions!) So we’ll have to wear gloves, and hats, and coats, survive the long-ass winter, drink a bunch of hot sakes in front of fireplaces… only day dreaming of spring, and RBMA in New York. But come April 2013… it’s all gonna get better. Patience, friends. Patience…

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