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Big Up Podcast 63 – Arno Lemons

Big Up Podcast 63 – Arno Lemons

Chances are you don’t know who Arno Lemons is. But if you trust our instinct, people gonna start talking very soon. Still not able to grow a full mustache, Arno is already big in the game in Antwerp, Belgium with his night Anti Matter. He is able to regularly show off his selection and mixing skills at his own night, but for the rest of the world we have asked Arno to mix his favorite tracks at the moment, and he came back with an hour-long gem featuring Boddika, Joy O., Mosca, Dusky, Whitesquare, Manaré and many more.

Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Arno Lemons.

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– Hi, I’m Arno Lemons, and I’m awesome at…
trying to grow a mustache, but nature is a bad motherfucker.

– Lately I’ve been really into…

music and traveling. In September I did a crazy tour from Venice to Budapest. I have seen some really nice things and I went to Outlook and Dimensions festivals. I even played the after party at the lighthouse club! I’m already planning other trips this year, like snowboarding in France or Austria, seeing old friends in London, Leeds or Manchester, and next year going back to Croatia perhaps.

– The best part about throwing events in Antwerp with Anti Matter is…
that I can do my own thing. Before I threw parties, I had a really good friend who had a similar idea about parties in Antwerp those days, so we started our own nights. He is still part of the crew, but less so, because he is really busy with his studies, and he has my full support in it.

– Sometimes it’s frustrating to deejay at your own events, because…
you aren’t enjoying the party itself, because of all the stress. Afterwards I always think, “why didn’t I enjoy it at the moment!?” I’m a real stress addict though.

– The most memorable rave experience for me was…
probably the two weeks at Outlook and Dimensions. I can write books about those times, the people who where
there can only confirm that. It’s just the perfect combination of the location, music and people. Indescribable.

– Give me the best production skills, and I’ll make the sickest…
…There is no such thing as a “best production skill”. There’s a sound specific to a producer. Every producer can change a genre he is producing in, but the good ones will stay in their concept, their own original sound. For instance, take a look at Icicle. These days he makes drum&bass, dubstep and the sickest techno. (His live set at Boiler Room is superior by the way.) But all of his music is ice fucking cold and rough… in a deep way. Amazing producer, and there are many more of those. But I’m still working on my typical production skill, working towards minimal-minded bass music I guess.

– I just created my Facebook page a week ago, so I can…
stop bothering my friends on my personal Facebook with all my music things going on. If they like it , they will follow my Facebook page I guess.

– It’s embarrassing to think of the first time I…
…I’m not embarrassed of anything I did in the past. Maybe wearing flashy orange Nikes a couple of years ago. But they were so ugly and orange, I just couldn’t stop wearing them.

– The best dinner under 5 Euro in Antwerp is…
…you have to hit up Max “Flapy“. If you give him 5 euro, he will make you the best “Frappini’s” you have ever ate.

– The world would be a better place, if…
people would stop putting every music genre in a box and for instance call one drum computer, two vocal samples and the most boring 808’s you have ever heard, a genre. They should sort music trough emotions, instead of beats per minute or whatever. That’s just my opinion.

Hyph Mngo – Joy Orbison (Whitesquare remix) (free)
Without you – Malente (Ego Troopers’ Deep Sea Remix) (Forthcoming No Brainer records)
Dusty Sundays – Chaos in the CBD (Amadeus records)
Cant Hold Back – Jonathan Meyer and Anna Cavazos (Voyeur Remix) (Unreleased)
Suma – Coni (CLEKCLEKBOOM records)
Into The Valley ft. Karl Dixon – Classixx (Julio Bashmore remix) (free)
Flo Jam – Dusky (Dogmatik records)
Eva Mendes – Mosca (Hypercolour records)
Belly Dancer – Manaré (Femme En Fourrure remix) (Top Billin’ records)
Hugz ft. Bambounou – French Fries (CLEKCLEKBOOM records)
Shit On Wax – Whitesquare (unreleased)
Sepehr – Apple Bottoms (Anabatic records)
Slab – Chaos in the CBD (CLEKCLEKBOOM records)
The Majestic – Shlomi Aber (Objektivity records)
Hiphouse – Lauhaus Kabale Und Liebe (Rejected records)
Stay Glued ft. Kevin Knapp – Audiojack (FCL weeemix) (Gruuv records)
Warehouse – Boddika (Hotflush records)
Night – Bambounou (CLEKCLEKBOOM records)
Thinking – Frank Ocean (Omni Mill’s Fruitleg mix)

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