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Free Download: F.olk – "Pontificatin"

Free Download: F.olk – "Pontificatin"

Guy named F.olk sent over this tune, saying “it fits in the bass music world I suppose”. He’s right. It does. But who cares anyway. It’s groovy and we’d like you to have it in your music library. So here it is for a free download.

Apparently he also released a couple EP’s through Bandcamp, notably Wintersummerspring with an opener “I.Hate.Your.Taste.In.Music.But.You.Got.A.Nice.Ass” and the standout “I.Think.I.Like.This.Girl.But.She.Texts.Me.Too.Much” up for a buck download.


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  • GetMe

    Lovely tune, and for free, who could ask for more?

  • I guess, it comes down to 289 simple choice!