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It’s 21:12 on 12/21. Date and time is notable not because of the end of the world. But because it’s the time for the new issue of Big Up.

The lucky thirteenth issue we dedicated to the very young and the insanely talented artists and musicians – the whipper snappers – who are rocking our world and blowing our minds by out-doing not only their peers, but also the grown-up established craftsmen in respective industries.

Some are still in high school, some already established dream carreers, some still need to convince their parents in the authenticity of their dreams. They talk about their battles, inspirations, and aspirations in their fresh bubbling lives.

Young in the world, big in the game. It’s the Whipper Snappers time.

Big Up 13 features interviews with Flume (20), Darling Farah (21), Kahn (22), Happa (15), Shlohmo (22) and his WeDidIt collective. The artists featured are Tom Buch, Rik Oostenbroek, Crajes and the amazing cover artist Sergey SBSS.

In case we don’t live till tomorrow, we decided to give it away as a free download. So enjoy and Big Up yourself!

Sergey SBSS also designed a limited-run t-shirt that we lovingly printed on a heavyweight cotton in eco-friendly water-based ink. It’s yours for $25 plus shipping.

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