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Big Up Podcast 68 ~ Locked Groove

Big Up Podcast 68 ~ Locked Groove


The landscape of house and techno has changed considerably in the past years. Locked Groove is a part of a whole generation of new faces in house music. With various releases on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings and Tiga’s Turbo Recordings, the Antwerp-based producer made quite a big name for himself in 2012. The new year doesn’t mean Locked Groove is slacking. He recently announced the launch of his self-titled label, which sounded like the perfect time to have a little chat. Oh, the man was so kind to throw in an ace podcast as well.

Interview by Jochem Daelman

Let’s start with something different. I saw on Twitter that you’re reading Murakami for the second time. What do you like about it?

The first time I read it I always felt I was missing a lot. After reading Kafka and some books on philosophy I feel like everything Murakami writes about has a double meaning to it. The coverquote “There’s one world but it has two moons” describes the entire book really, it’s actually how I want my music to be too. I have got my own style and people can interpret my tracks in various ways. Sometimes I’ll write a tune just for jokes and when I put it out some people take it seriously. Others will get it and have fun with it.

You recently started your own label Locked Groove Recordings. Is that a response to a certain urge you had? What’s your vision about it?

I’ve always wanted to start my own label really, it just felt like the time was right now. At the moment I’m going to do a few releases myself, but I’m planning to release music by some friends in the near future as well. Basically anything goes, I’m not setting any boundaries. I just want to put out good music, I don’t care what it is. As long as it’s good.

Last year was obviously huge for you. Where do you want to go with your career in 2013? When will you be satisfied?

I think I’ll never be satisfied. In my opinion you should always strive for the better. Not necessarily more, but better. I’m just going to continue to work hard and keep on building my career.

You always seem to bring a variety of different genres to the dancefloor, playing both old and new. Have you got a certain approach playing out? Any deejays that count as an inspiration to you?

When I DJ, I usually decide my first two tracks beforehand and then I’ll just take it from there. In my opinion being a DJ is all about reading your crowd and changing your direction according to that. There are so many people that have had some sort of influence on me, but DJ-wise I think Larry Levan has had the biggest. They recently pressed up his last set at the Paradise Garage on vinyl in different parts. If you listen to it and hear how he works the tracks… Gives me goosebumps every time!

About Berlin… you played Panoramabar a few weeks ago and you seemed ecstatic about it. What makes that clubbing experience so different from others?

If you look at it objectively it’s just a club like any other good club. But because of the ‘hype’, most people who get in are excited and really up for it. If you mix those people with the regular visitors, you’ll get a crazy bunch of people who are set for good music and are willing to let everyday problems behind for a few, probably more, hours.

The thing I love about the club is the ‘no picture / no video’ rule. That’s actually how it should be. We live in a time where showing people you were somewhere is more important than actually being there. I hate that. I love how the club focuses on the night and the music. People aren’t worrying about being in an indiscreet picture. What happens there stays there. That’s how it was before and I believe that’s how it should be.

As a closer: what music have you been listening to lately? Anyone we should know about?

There is a ton of great music out there. In order to avoid people being disappointed because I didn’t drop their name, I’ll go for something non-electronic. I’m listening to a lot of Slow Dive lately, that might have been because the weather was shit. But regardless that, Slow Dive is definitely a classic band people should check out.

Thanks for the chat. Is there anyone out there you want to Big Up?

Scuba, South London Ordnance, J.TIJN and History Discovery Channel for continuing their ancient alien series.


Morgan Geist – Linking Tunnel
Move D – Your Personal Healer
DJ Q – Law (Sascha Dive’s C2OH25N3O Remix)
Sebastian San – Rising Sun
Laura Jones – Every thought
Mano Le Tough – Oblique
Foremost Poets – Reasons To Be Dismal
Worst Friends – Billiards With A Midget (Dr Dunks Keep It Cheap Mix)
Malik Pittman – Walk Through Osaka
Jon Mcmillion – Solette Simms (San Proper’s Movetek Mix)
Frank De Wulf – Reforced
Tale Of Us – Another Earth
Space Dimension Controller – Music For Spaceports

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