goldFFinch Presents Big Up Podcast 70


“One of my favorite musical producer collectives”, is a pretty good quote to start with when coming from Mary Anne Hobbs. goldFFinch is Yoann and Gilles, a duo from Brussels, Belgium. The experienced duo have let themselves be inspired by current movements in the electronic music, but they always redefined it in their own unique way. The first ever goldFFinch recordings gained immediate support from scene luminaries like Boddika, Loefah and Jackmaster. goldFFinch kept their game going strong ever since, with multiple releases on various labels. They sat down with us for a chat about future plans, working methods and Brussels. They provided an awesome podcast as well.

[toggle title=”Tracklist”]goldFFinch – 11th Hour
Synkro – Presence
Boards of Canada – Split Your Infinities
Maya Jane Coles – Everything feat. Karin Park (Breach Remix)
Jacques Greene – Quicksand
Renaissance Man – UFO (Who R U?)
goldFFinch – For the F*
Trusta – Bulletproof
Kode9 – Oh
boddika – Steam
goldFFinch – The volume
Dusky – Truth Capital T
goldFFinch – black pyramid
Holden – Renata (Daphni remix)
The xx – fiction (pearson sound remix)
Ab-Soul – Terrorist Threats (Feat. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko)
Koreless – Ivana[/toggle]

Interview by Jochem Daelman

You’re are about to release two new EP’s, one through Dirtybird Records called 11th Hour and another one through Saigon Recordings called The Volume. What was your approach with it?

Yes, our EP on Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird label is now out on Beatport, you can already pre order our third release on Saigon as well, which is through Surus.

Both releases are quite different actually, with Dirtybird we’re doing an EP with two more “laid-back” tunes, while The Volume EP EP on Saigon is a straight to the floor release. We’re happy with both releases as they show our different approach on music.

You guys have been releasing on various record labels, going from Numbers to Saigon, from Dirtybird to Mindset. Is there a reason why you don’t stick to one label, what are the (dis)advantages of working with various labels?

Yes indeed, except from Saigon with whom we are putting out music since the beginning. We have jumped on and off a few labels since we started, which might reflect on our music. We are not sitting in a specific genre, we just like to write music the way we want, without any restriction in term of genres, so it’s pretty natural to have various labels interested in the new music we write.

How is it to work it to work with Claude VonStroke or the Numbers crew for instance? How would you distinguish labels from one another? Or do most labels work pretty much the same?

Big labels have large audiences and it’s of course a good thing in term of visibility. The fact that Claude VonStroke isn’t telling us how to write music for his label is a really good thing. The music might seem a bit different compared to what our fan base is used to, but it allows us to stay true to what we do and like. In the end it’s great to put our efforts out for a larger amount of people.

What’s it like to work as a duo? Do you guys have to overcome some artistic disagreements once in a while? Is there a certain strength to it? Has it hindered you sometimes, for instance to go play abroad?

We know each other for more than 15 years now, we don’t need to talk anymore about what’s good or not in our music. Of course we don’t always agree but it always ends up in a constructive discussion. While we both spent a lot of time in the studio, starting new ideas, combining sounds, samples and synths, chopping vocals or sampling music. We each got our own specific skills, Gilles is more the sound engineer and I’m more the DJ.

It’s a combination that works pretty well because we both know what and when we have to do something to make things happen. It’s a simple adaption of a 2 producers model in 10 years of collaboration.

Mixing-wise Gilles isn’t touring abroad, he just became a dad, so that isn’t a problem either.

Electronic music is ever changing. We had dubstep and all its bass mutations a few years ago, there was trap last year and now a house revival seems to be going on. What kind of stuff excites you guys nowadays? How do you guys stay inspired?

Indeed there is always a main style in the electronic landscape and of course right now house is everywhere. We don’t mind that too much to be honest, of course we let us inspire by what’s hot, it’s natural, but we always refused to stick to one genre or being the copycat of a certain style. The fact that we both have different musical backgrounds helps us not to dive in the easy way.

Which producers, DJ’s or tastemakers could we count as an inspiration to goldFFinch?

We try to reach the production level of artists such as Boddika or Breach but that’s mainly for the mixdown aspect, it’s a way too long list inspiration-wise!

I know you guys used to push musical boundaries in your hometown Brussels with some legendary parties. How do you think Brussels and Belgium is doing musically? How is Belgium to operate from? Doesn’t London sound more attractive to you guys?

Belgium is probably not the best place on earth to get busy with electronic music, but you can’t compare cities like Brussels or London to be honest, you got ten times more people living in London, the city has such a huge list of DJ’s and producers. Who knows what could have been if we lived there.

But to be fair, we like to live in Brussels, and the Belgian crowd always had a good reaction on electronic music. We’ll never be a major city like Berlin where u have 17 awesome parties the same night, but it’s OK like this…I guess.

Could you tell us some more about the mix you’ve made? What was your approach to it?

It’s really just a mix of tunes we both like.

What has been the coolest goldFFinch moment so far? Is there something you look back on what makes you really proud?

Probably when, for the first time, we sent out some tunes to big DJ’s and we received so many good feedback. That was so unexpected that we didn’t really believe it. It certainly gave us strength to push our project further and to make it what it is becoming right now.

We all know the beer, chocolate and fries are awesome in Belgium, but which places should we go to when we’re in Europe’s capital?
The legendary techno club Fuse. But it’s mainly about meeting the inhabitants of the city, that’s the best way to experience the city. Brussels people are really cool!

Thanks for the chat. Is there anyone out there you want to Big Up?

All the people that have been supporting us for such a long time, no needs to cite them, they’ll recognize themselves!