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Icicle presents Big Up Podcast 71

Icicle presents Big Up Podcast 71


Jeroen Snik, who goes by the name Icicle, is a Dutchman known for his dark and cold sounds that set a unique vibe in the drum and bass scene. His influences range from techno to dubstep, creating a distinctive and original sound. With releases on RAM, Soul:R and Renegade Hardware, Icicle moved to England in 2008, now being exclusively signed to Friction’s Shogun Audio. With a smashing debut album in 2011, the Iceman is now finishing up the last bits of his follow up album. On top of a great podcast he also gives us some cool insights into his new record, live performance and upcoming collaborations. Get in!

[toggle title=”Tracklist”]1. Radio Slave – Tantakatan (The Drunken Shed Mix)
2. J Kenzo – Cause n Effect
3. Biome – Signal
4. Enei – Headtop ft Chimpo
5. Killawatt – Shadowboxing
6. Proxima – Trapped
7. Icicle – Trapstep
8. Gamma – Moodf*ck
9. Two Fingers – Form One
10. Amit – Human Warfare
11. nphonix – reach out (om unit remix)
12. Naibu – Just Like You (Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix)
13. Spectrasoul – Sometimes We Lie (DLR Remix)
14. Icicle – Klickstep
15. Buck Rogers – What went wrong (Safire Rmx)
16. Ulterior Motive – Lost Contact (Original Mix)
17. Icicle – Dreadnaught Spesh ft. SP:MC
18. Konflict – The beckoning
19. Mefjus ft. Bowsar – Primal Instinct
20. Icicle – Dumbstep
21. Alix Perez – Shadows
22. Ram Trilogy – Evolution[/toggle]

Interview by Jochem Daelman

Your previous album Under The Ice was your debut album, you found it very important to get that whole story right, because you can only make a debut album once. What’s the difference with your second album? What was your approach with it?

With Under The Ice I tried to sum up my past as a music lover and evolving producer. I tried to make an accurate picture of how I got to where I was. So I took a lot of influence from my early years exploring music and was looking back a lot. The next album will be more of a view of my future. I’ve summed up where I come from and now I want to show where I want to go.

You worked two years on your debut album, how long have you been working on this one? What does your production setup look like?

I’ve been working on this album since the last one was finished, so a lot of time has gone into the next one already. I had good momentum in the studio and wanted to keep it going. My studio is a small treated room with some hardware but is mostly set up for working in the box with very good converters and speakers. I love hardware and do own some synths and compressors and fx (and even a little bit of modular stuff) but it’s not essential for my sound, they are mostly toys. They give me a lot of creative impulses though.

I personally loved the diversity of Under The Ice, it brought an awesome mixture of dubstep, techno and drum and bass. Can we yet again expect a lot of diversity?

Thanks! Yea, I think the way the genres have been flowing into each other more and more recently has been the most exciting development in music for me and I intent to make full use of it!

I assume that your sophomore album will be another Shogun Audio release. Did you ever think of releasing on another label? Would it make sense if we keep the diversity of genres in mind?

Yea, Shogun Audio is the label. I was signed for two albums so there was never any discussion, however Shogun has been an excellent home for me and has let me experiment as much as I want. The diversity of my music does affect the choice of my home base I guess but so far Shogun has been accommodating. We’ll see what the future holds!

[quote]Icicle just gave away two cold tunes on Facebook, because he hit 25000 fans. Click here, if you want to enjoy the darkness.[/quote]

Do you have any cool vocal collaborations we can know about?

There will be another track with SP:MC which is just recorded, and we are working on a few other really exciting ones. But it is still too early to reveal!

Is this an album you’ll be performing live again? It’s not often that we see electronic artists perform live sets without any computers. Or is that a trick you won’t be able to repeat?

That is the plan. Right now I am so focused on studio work I haven’t started building the new live show yet, but with writing new music I am bearing in mind how I would like to perform everything live. It will be a full hardware / no laptops show again!

You moved from Holland to the UK a couple years ago, how has that change influenced your career and your music?

It has been a major change. The music scene is so much bigger over here in London, so it has given me many opportunities I wouldn’t have dreamed of back home. Musically, because you are exposed to so much stuff, you will be shaped to some degree by your surroundings, nevertheless I try to preserve my own identity and not jump on the cool wagon directly.

What is it with London that makes it such an attractive city, what do you think are the must-sees or do’s when you get there?

London just has energy. It’s a bit like the wild west of Europe, if you have determination and talent you can do anything you like here. Must-see’s/do’s for me are the Tate Modern, which is a modern art museum with a really great collection. Also you can dine at the top and have a great view of London. And you should definitely spend some time in east London around brick lane when the sun is out. Lots of cool shops and weirdo’s..

Your early productions had a lot jazzy and hiphop influences to them and Midnight Maraduers by A Tribe Called Quest is one of your all time favorite records. Did you ever think of doing a hiphop project or something totally different? Do you still have some dreams you would like to see fulfilled?

I am always thinking about doing totally different things here and there and I’m actually doing them too. In the studio I like doing ghost writing and production type projects, which have nothing to do with Icicle and that, keeps your mind open. I have an endless amount of dreams, when you lose them you may as well give up. I think more and more I’d like to produce behind the scenes for some of the greats!

Is there anyone you would like to Big Up?

I think in general just anybody that has been following my music. It never seizes to amaze me how much people care about the stuff you do.. Big up to all!