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Eliphino presents Big Up x Dimensions Festival Podcast.

Eliphino presents Big Up x Dimensions Festival Podcast.

Photo by Dan Medhurst

Photo by Dan Medhurst

Like many producers, Leeds-native Tom Wrankmore took to beatmaking at a young age, armed with an MPC and a pair of decks he start making music. His first productions were strongly influenced by hip-hop, garnering comparisons to artists like Madlib and other LA experimentalists. Now residing in London, he has broadened his sound palette and has begun mucking about with house and garage, with releases on Gilles Peterson’s “Brownswood Electric” compilation, Manchester’s acclaimed Hoya:Hoya stable, Berlin based Somethinksounds and a few remixes along the way. Eliphino is now back with a fresh release and an equally fresh podcast.

[toggle title=”Tracklist”]Amerie – Why Dont We Fall In Love (Kaytranada Edition)
Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition)
Daniel Bortz – No One
Billy Ocean – Night, Feel Like Getting Down
Funkinevil – Igno
Theo Parrish – Heal Yourself and Move
John Roberts – Palace
Charles Webster – I Am Falling (Paris Bordeaux Remix)
Smokin Beats – Dreams
Stimming – Melodica
Eliphino – I Don’t Care
Dusky – Vanishing Point
Deep Sensation – Get Together (Deep Vocal Mix)
Mr G – Daily Prayer[/toggle]

Interview by Jochem Daelman

Hi Eliphino, how are you? Correct me if I’m wrong, but things have been rather quiet the past year. We were happy to see some new releases and remixes popping up in the last months. What have you been up to lately?

I’m very well, thanks. It has been a bit longer than I planned since my last proper release for various reasons, including procrastination, label delays and being on the road quite a bit!

I’m still getting used to setting my own routine and sticking to it. I make a lot of music, but sometimes struggle to turn good ideas into songs. I’m sitting on a lot of unreleased tracks.

You’ve got a new release coming up on Hypercolour. What can we expect from that one?

It’s a 2-track release. The idea was to have one track aimed at the club and another one more for headphones. It’s definitely house music, no sub-genres need to be applied.

Nice one. Back in 2005 you already shared decks with Madlib or Q Bert and you even released a hip-hop album, today you’re doing something totally different… How did those experiences influence you as a producer and DJ? What made you shift from that kind of music to where you are now?

I guess as you get older you widen your frame of reference, if you have any imagination. As a kid you want to find a sub-culture to identify with and stick to it religiously. With a bit of luck you realize that’s a bit silly, and just listen to whatever makes you feel good, which is my current approach to music. Obviously house, garage and everything else work particularly well in club, so as a DJ I play a lot of that, but I do try to stay eclectic when the opportunity arises. Starting off as a hip-hop DJ/producer (which I’ve by no means have left behind) probably influenced my production in the kind of sounds I tend to use. For example I prefer the sound of a sampled fender rhodes to a fm synth line. Usually. I also mix too quick sometimes when I DJ.

[quote] Picasso said “inspiration exists but it has to find you working” and Rick Ross said “everyday I’m hustlin'” I try to take influence from both![/quote]

Almost every tune you make seems to be built for the dance floor – they always work the crowd. I’m not complaining, but why that approach? No itchy fingers to do something slow or bizarre?

Yeah definitely, I’ve got plans to slow it down for the next few releases! I’ve probably got more slow/weird beats in my vault than I have club bangers to be honest.

You’re in the game for a few years now. Are you able to live off your music and totally focus on the creative side of life?

I am lucky enough to have music as my full time occupation. Yes. I left a job around 10 months ago. I don’t regret it at all. It’s an absolute blessing to have the opportunity to pursue what you love full-time.

Sometimes it’s a cause of anxiety when I feel like I’m still not being productive enough, but I guess you can’t choose when that dope idea will hit, so I’m just trying to work as hard as possible on creating more finished products. Picasso said “Inspiration exists but it has to find you working” and Rick Ross said “everyday I’m hustlin'” I try to take influence from both!

Ha, that’s wise! Obviously you’re playing Dimensions Festival this year. Which acts do you definitely want to see when you get the time and why?

The line up is so dope, I feel like I don’t even have to make a plan, wherever I go something good will be happening. But I’ll make sure I catch Daphni, Pantha du Prince because I caught the Bell Laboratory a few months ago and it blew my mind, so I’m looking forward to his solo live set. Then definitely 3 Chairs, because… well I don’t think I need to explain.

There’s a huge increase in British festivals taking place in Croatia. How do you feel about that? What makes Dimensions Festival so special?

It’s a beautiful country, and as long as we, as festival goers, treat it with respect I don’t see the trend changing for a good few years. I think Dimensions stands out because it was started by people who have a strong heritage in music and their passion is evident in the way the festival runs and by the artists they tend to book.

Talking about festivals and gigs, you’ve clearly done more than a few. What have been the coolest or craziest experiences you had?

One of the coolest was playing on a boat party, then getting a speedboat back to land to play a set on a beach! Berlin is usually crazy in it’s own way, it’s the only place I’ve done a set from 5 – 8am then gone out afterwards. That just isn’t that crazy though.

With Outlook, Dimensions and gigs in the homeland coming up you already got a busy schedule. Do you have any new plans or wishes you would like to see fulfilled this year?

I have a very general plan, which is to be more prolific in terms of releases. Along with more house music I’d like to work on an EP with maybe 8 tracks on there, something that if it was well received could even translate into a live show, not necessarily sounding like anything I’ve done thus far… I’d also like to be more crazy, so I have stories for interviews.

Haha, well good luck with that! Is there anyone out there you would like to Big Up?

I’d like to big up the homie Noam Chomsky, Andy Lemay and my brother Luke.

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