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Premier: Video for Lamplighter "Mute"

Premier: Video for Lamplighter "Mute"


We imagine Glasgow-based producer Lamplighter as this quiet melancholic guy, probably wearing cool black hoodies and understated walking shoes, because he probably walks a lot in the darkest loneliest streets of Glasgow, getting inspiration and probably recording some sounds of the wind in broken windows…

We might be very very wrong about the personality of Lamplighter, but the spirit and atmosphere of his music we can not be wrong about. His new EP The Senses (out via Kilamanjaro Music) confirms our assumptions right from the start with the aged, texturized, black-and-white-movie-still-like artwork for the cover and short, almost incomplete titles for all five tracks.

The enigmatic Lamplighter seems to enjoy being in the shadow in all senses, althouhg he can’t help but shine bright amidst the flat modern soundscapes. Highly recommended.

Today we premier the hand-sketched and animated video for the track “Mute”.