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New Video For Jon Hopkins' "Collider"

New Video For Jon Hopkins' "Collider"


The new slightly freaky video for Jon Hopkin’s single “Collider”, taken from his excellent album Immunity, was directed by the talented Tom Haines, who directed videos for the likes of Paul White, Temper Trap, and Nick Cave. And here’s how he interprets his latest work:

“Jon’s music has a transportive quality, which can be blissful and expansive, but can also be internal, and more aggressive, and “Collider” is at this end of the spectrum. We wanted to create an internal journey, which was unflinching, singular and claustrophobic and at the same time liberating. The video is like a voodoo ceremony, where the lead character dances herself into frenzy, and through the dance gains access to a parallel dimension; it’s her unfurling thoughts, her dislocated mind, and hints at something more apocalyptic – an end game for her and us.”

Watch the intriguing journey right here: