Big Up Podcast 80 ~ Thelem


One of the most humble people we know in the underground bass scene, Matt Weare, known to you as Thelem, does not hold back when it comes to making music. Laying down the beats without any excuses, and generously supplying bass, Thelem goes all out with the low and heavy. That is also the case with the new mix he composed for us with his new 140 and 170 bits, as well as the tracks from some other producers that he is feeling at the moment. First Big Up Podcast of 2014. This ain’t easy listening.

[toggle title=”Track List”]Thelem – Conjouring mysteries
Gantz & Mahdy – Exile
TMSV – Shadow
Mikael – Drain Master
LAS & Mikael – Dem Break
DJ Madd – Gunshot Riddim
Thelem – Shottaz
Thelem – Bring Me Down VIP
Thelem – Haunted Harmonics
Code 3 – Living Proof
Thelem – Forces of Nature
Homemade Weapons – Delorean
Thelem – Obsessions
Fracture & Stray – Bounce That
Om unit & Sam Binga – Squares
Stray – Matchsticks
Thelem – Fall Away
Kid Drama – In Mind[/toggle]

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interview by Kellen303

Can we have the story behind the name Thelem? Have you gone by any other names in the past?

Well, the story behind my Thelem alias isn’t the best to be honest. Haha. I was working a dead end production line job, building ovens for a company called “Merrychef”, making tunes in my spare time. I was thinking while I was bored at work that I needed an alias for my tunes, I had no idea where to start. I was quite into reading about certain cults etc, for example, the whole Aleister Crowley thing and the Thelemites, and so on. So I just decided to call myself Thelem, it’s kind of cliché, but it’s something I’ve just stuck with.

Could you attribute your inspiration to start making music to any artists/musicians/family? Anyone who might still have influence on your sound?

Well, to be honest, it all stemmed from watching my friend building tunes, while I was stoned. Haha. I would sit there and watch for hours in the evenings, listening to what he was doing. One day I asked if I could have a go, and I got hooked. I got logic for my laptop and I would constantly be bugging him, “How do I do this? How do I do that?”. I finally got to grips with the basics and was on my way…
[quote_left]When I first started making beats, all I knew was I wanted to make beats like Loefah. [/quote_left]
As for artists, I would say my biggest inspiration to start off with was Loefah. I used to be a big hip hop head, and I guess to me his old style of dubstep sounded a lot similar to hip hop beats with the big 808 subs and some of the rhythms. When I first started making beats, all I knew was I wanted to make beats like Loefah. My family was never really musical in the sense of playing instruments and such, so I never got any real inspiration from them, but they have been really supportive.

What’s your opinion on “the dubstep scene”? Where do you see dubstep headed and what steps are you taking to move forward with it?

I think right now, even though dubstep might not seem as popular as it once was in the UK, I think it’s in a good place going more underground again. In my opinion, there is still so much great music being made by awesome producers, so it’s keeping it alive and kicking. A lot of people seem to be pushing things forward, which is great!

[quote_left]I also don’t listen to much 140, apart from when I’m out at the clubs or making it. I think this has an advantage of keeping ideas diverse and different.[/quote_left]
As for me, this year I’ve been trying to be a little more daring in my own productions and not worry so much about styles. I think not worrying so much about my beats has enabled me to branch out and experiment a little more, which is great in keeping things fresh, and moving things forward. I also don’t listen to much 140, apart from when I’m out at the clubs or making it. I think this has an advantage of keeping ideas diverse and different. Also, I think it’s great drawing ideas and influences from all other genres and bpm’s to 140, which again helps things to move forward and evolve.

Outside of electronic music, what other genres do you enjoy?

Hip hop is my main thing outside of electronic music. I also like some ’80s cheesy stuff, when the mood is right. Haha! I also don’t mind a bit of indie/rock stuff from time to time either.

What was your worst subject in school?

The sciences: chemistry, physics and biology for sure. I sucked at them.

Do you have a favorite track at the moment? Which artist(s) are you feeling right now? (Feel free to include youtube, soundcloud links)

Damn, I’m no good at these ones. Haha! I have so many tracks I’m loving at the moment; it’s hard to choose a favorite. If I absolutely had to, for now it would be – Sam Binga – “Lef Dem”. It’s been in a couple mixes I’ve been listening to, and I can’t get it out my head at the moment.

As for artists, there’s too many names to mention. These are in no particular order:

Om Unit
Sam Binga
Alix Perez
Kid Drama

It’s high tea! What are we drinking?

Orange and pineapple squash!

How did you link up with T-man for your track “Bring Me Down”? Would you like to work with more MC’s for your productions?

I actually heard of T-man through some drum’n’bass I was really rating at the time. I did a gig up North, and he was MCing on some of the sets in the drum’n’bass room. We got chatting outside, and he was down to get on a track. I got home and started building some ideas and sent them over to see if it was his vibe. He was keen, and it went from there really. As for working with more MCs for my production, this is something I would love to do. There’s even talks recently of a new 170 bit from myself with T-man.

[quote]I must have been in a pretty foul mood when I started that tune. It’s pretty twisted.[/quote]

What the HELL was going on in your life when you made “Grainform”? The Artikal release is massive, but that tune stands out.

Haha, I have no idea. Probably some shit going on back then. I must have been in a pretty foul mood when I started that tune. It’s pretty twisted. Haha!