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Brendon Moeller ~ Mike Parker Tribute Mix via RBMA [Techno]

Brendon Moeller ~ Mike Parker Tribute Mix via RBMA [Techno]


The dub techno don Brendon Moeller, aka Beat Pharmacy, aka Echologist, dedicates his hour-long mix for RBMA Radio to the abstract electronics of his friend and musical inspiration Mike Parker of Prologue and Geophone. With a track list consisting entirely of Mike Parker’s tracks and remixes, this is a treat for the American vinyl-only DJ’s fans, or the best way to get familiar with this living legend.

[toggle title=”Track List”]1 Forward (The 5 AM Mix) – Mike Parker
2 Reduction – Mike Parker
3 Thwack (Mike Parker Remix) – Marcel Fengler
4 Subterranean Liquid -Mike Parker
5 GPH16 (Pt.4) – Mike Parker
6 Deformation (Mike Parker Remix) – Abstract Division
7 Isonomia – Mike Parker
8 Ringing Bass – Mike Parker
9 Static Hammer – Mike Parker
10 Night Of 21 Hours – Mike Parker
11 MS-10 Strut – Mike Parker
12 Inversion 10 – Mike Parker
13 Gunma Forest – Mike Parker
14 Lustration Two (Nor’ Easter) – Mike Parker
15 GPH17 (Pt.1) – Mike Parker
16 GPH17 (Pt.2) – Mike Parker
17 Whisky – The Automatic Message
18 Moisture (Treatment 3) – Mike Parker [/toggle]