Night Owl ~ Okonomiyaki [Video]


It is very rare to find a producer or DJ name you can connect with. But it is even more rare to find a well-rounded multitalented artist who makes quality dark underground music, tastefully creates his own visual identity, shoots and edits his own stunning videos, and plays vinyl-only DJ sets on top of it all (not that anything’s wrong with laptops, but you know…). Night Owl is all that.

All we know about Night Owl, is that he resides in London, probably somewhere in Hackney, honing all his outstanding talents, and appears at some major European festivals like Dimensions et al. He has also just released the beautiful new video for his track Okonomiyaki, naturally shot in Japan by his talented self last year. It’s a 9-minute acid nocturnal techno ride you can experience for yourself right here.

Night Owl – Okonomiyaki from Night Owl on Vimeo.