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Big Up Sixteen ~ Long In The Game issue ~ Wiley, dBridge, Dusk+Blackdown, Ron Carter

Big Up Sixteen ~ Long In The Game issue ~ Wiley, dBridge, Dusk+Blackdown, Ron Carter


Just hit the ‘send’ button, files are flying to the printer, and the spanking new issue will be in Brooklyn in just 10 business days. Fuck. Yes.

Long In The Game issue featuring an hour long interviews with the grime king Wiley, two and a half hour long interview with the legenddBridge, an in-depth talk with Dusk+Blackdown, and a conversation with one of the most recorded bassists in history – Ron Carter. Needless to say, the magazine is PACKED with experience, wisdom and lessons.

Cover artwork beautifully designed by Atelier Olschinsky, and the pages are graced with photography (and an interview) from Shaun Bloodworth and Stefan Zsaitsits.

Special dedication on the back cover to our forever beloved Mack, the legendary bulldog. (Rest In Peace, buddy, we love you forever).

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Magazines ship on March 28th.

The new issue sets to sail in Brooklyn on March 29th at Reconstrvct with art show featuring artists from the issue, and the night of music we love. Come by 8pm to get a complimentary copy of the newborn Sixteen. The location is announced to ticket holders only. No tickets at the door. Really and truthfully, there’s only 54 tickets left at the time this is typed.

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Big Up yourself, fam. Mad love.