First Listen: C L N K ~ Fuck Hype


There was a time when the phrase “Don’t Believe The Hype” carried solid weight. Before the smart phone/dumb human era, it was important to resist the artification of all things non-art. Showing no sympathy for the spoon-fed, C L N K is back with heavy 5-track EP entitled Anti.

Retaliating against the mediocracy and moral decay, the track “Fuck Hype” is dark and dystopian, breaking open the core of any preconceived notions one holds against real techno. Listen closely and you can hear the frustration and angered agony in the pounding drums and deep space in between his musical procession. The release (out via Error Broadcast) is coupled up with the artwork from the fellow Romanian, photographer Tamas Deszo, showing a landfill in Western Roamnia and taken from his series Notes For An Epilogue portraying the country in decay.

Expanding into uncharted territory this mini masterpiece is right on time for those of us unsure about the other side, but positive the new path must be laid.