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Read Big Up 16 “Long In The Game” issue [Download]

Read Big Up 16 “Long In The Game” issue [Download]


Our Long In The Game issue unveiled last month with a Keysound takeover in Brooklyn at Reconstrvct. Big Up to everyone who made it an unforgettable night of beautiful people, music and art.

Thanks to your overwhelming support, we almost sold out of the print issues and thought it would be a shame if some of you didn’t get a chance to read it. So now we made it available online, FREE FOR ALL! (Can’t say we don’t love you).

The new issue features interviews with the grime king Wiley, the legends dBridge, Dusk+Blackdown, and one of the most recorded bassists in history – Ron Carter, is PACKED with experience, wisdom and beautiful art by Atelier Olschinsky, Shaun Bloodworth and Stefan Zsaitsits.

Read UP!

If you have a coffee table, order a print copy and we’ll zip-zap it to you in 2-3 days. And if you want to get the next issue first, subscribe, and it’s a done deal.

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You can now listen to some of our favorite sets from the launch night: