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Big Up Mix 84 ~ Wen [Live at Reconstrvct]

Big Up Mix 84 ~ Wen [Live at Reconstrvct]


Recorded live on March 29th, 2014 in a Brooklyn basement at Reconstrvct, this is badman Wen shutting down the sold-out dance. Much love to Wen and the whole Keysound clan for showing us that night what sound systems are made for. Shouts to the whole Reconstrvct family: True Nature, Joe Nice, and Tsunami Bass Sound.

No track list, because there are too many question marks and dubs on this one.

Next Reconstrvct is June 7th w/ Pinch, Ishan Sound, Facta, E3, Joe Nice, and True Nature.

Then it’s the 3rd Birthday July 19th w/ too too much.