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Big Up Mix 85 ~ C L N K

Big Up Mix 85 ~ C L N K


Romanian elusive producer C L N K, aka Silviu Badea, aka Montgomery Clunk in the past, is definitely on that Fuck Hype tip. From the absence of press shots, media kits and cohesive interviews, to rawness of his real dirty production. Shining light on this sort of talent ain&#39t easy, as you can imagine, but after some chasing we managed to gather a short Q/A and even an hour-long mix of all unreleased cuts from the man himself and his closest group of fellow producers.

Real music (no hype). Enjoy.

[toggle title=”Track List”]minus – cell (division)
clnk – rome
clnk – born in slavery
clnk – wolf god
livia – untitled 1
unknown – train
clnk – to drone
mgch – snails
clnk – fake
unknown – R 14093
polochord – alfalfa
clnk – untitled01
livia – untitled 2[/toggle]

Your ANTI EP has very defined sounds of anger and frustration. Does it come from outside sources like the situation in your country?
It comes from the only possible source… from messing around with some machines until something came out. As for situations like the one in my country, I guess those are everywhere nowadays. Truly dark if I may add.


It&#39s all gonna end pretty soon anyways, so it doesn&#39t matter anymore.


The cover artworks for ANTI as well as Black Ecstasy hint on environmental issues you might be raising. Is that something you feel strongly about?
Nope, I’m not really worried. It’s all gonna end pretty soon anyways, so it doesn’t matter anymore.

Wow, let’s say it’s the end of the world, and you’re escaping to a desert island, what album would you take with you?
Selected Ambient Works or Music Has the Right to Children. I can’t decide yet. It’s annoying.

What’s your ritual in the studio before you get started?
There is no ritual. I just go there and mess with it. Sometimes I already know what I want to do, but that doesn’t happen so often now.


I do lights, stage management and shit. And I keep the dust off the CDJs and the mixer.


What’s your day job? Do you ever think of making music full time?
I work in a club called Control. I do lights, stage management and shit. And I keep the dust off the CDJs and the mixer. I don’t think I can make music full time… Most of the time I would just mess around with four bars doing nothing actually.

Do you deploy field recordings in your tracks?

How often do you play gigs?
I don’t do gigs too often. Probably it’s gonna be a live set. After eight fucking years I finally managed to buy/borrow some machines. I only play with them for myself now.

Tell us about this new label you are starting with your friends.
It’s called listen2me. It has been decided that we want to have a place where we can release our stuff, and I really hope that we will start it this year. There’s a bunch of guys that are also messing with the robots so… yeah.

Who are these guys you speak of?
Their names are: Minus, Fjord, Garten, mgch, Polochord, clnk, unknown (?) and a bunch of some other guys that have not decided about their “artist” names.

Who are your favorite producers that we haven’t heard about yet (any underrated sound masters?)
Costin Miereanu

Do you have any other secret talents besides music?

Alright, what can you tell us about the mix you made for us?
The mix is made from a bunch of tracks that I made, plus some others from the guys I told you about earlier. It’s all unreleased stuff. It’s like a fucking “teaser” for the listen2me label. Or promo, or whatever… Cheers for the interview.